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My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 8

diablo6 - My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 8

Sorry for not posting last week, the ram in my PC decided to give out and I had to wait for the replacement to arrive. I really should just replace my computer since it's several years old and I plan to within a few months, but I'd prefer to just perform maintenance on it for now.

Day 8:

After several days and nights by sea, I reach Kurast. By just looking around, I can tell this place has been hit hard; the dirt is pitch black, it's raining constantly and many buildings and walls seem to have been torn down. Upon arrival, I am greeted by Hratli, a sorcerer with a specialty in metal works. He tells me that many of the people of Kurast have already been decimated by Mephisto's forces and that the only place that's safe anymore is by the docks where a warding spell had been cast over it to keep the evil at bay. After speaking with the locals I meet a few different characters to note. First there's Ormus who is a mage with a weird habit of talking in the third person, next there's Alkor, an alchemist who clearly doesn't like to be bothered, then there's Natalya who is a warrior tasked with dealing with evil sorcerers and lastly there's Asheara, the leader of the mercenary group called the Iron Wolves. After speaking with the locals, I talk to Deckard Cain who just tells me to go out and find Diablo and Baal before they reach Mephisto. With no other information to obtain and no quests to obtain from the locals, I set out into the jungle.

Immediately upon leaving the docks, I encounter the dark wanderer. Any attempt to interact with him proved pointless as he teleports away, leaving only a few demons in his place. Progressing a bit further I encounter a few wooden golem-like creatures (I wasn't paying attention to the name of the creature), one of which dropped a jade figurine. After picking the figurine up, I return to the docks to find out what I can get from it. According to Cain, Meshif, the sailor who brought me here, has a fondness for figurines and I should show it to him. Giving the jade figurine to Meshif, he exchanges it for a golden bird statuette he'd been holding on to. Showing the statuette to Cain, he tells me about a sage named Ku Y'leh and that his ashes were kept in a strange statuette. I, then give the statuette to Alkor, to see if he can do anything with it. He thanks me for giving him the statuette and tells me he will make me something and that I should return later. To try and find out what to do, I head back out into the jungle for a bit, and upon returning to the port, Deckard Cain tells me some more information on how to find and defeat Mephisto before it's too late. According to him, Mephisto is being held in a prison within the Guardian Tower of the Temple City of Travincal, but the only way to get to him is to destroy the Compelling Orb, which he used to control the Zakarum Priests and the only way to destroy it is to use an ancient flail imbued the will of the only priest Mephisto couldn't corrupt, Khalim, Que-Hegan of the High Council. Khalim, by Mephisto's orders, was killed and dismembered, with his body parts being spread across Kurast to prevent the flail from being remade. In order to craft the ancient flail, I must, first, seek out Khalim's three relics, his heart, his brain and his eye, as well as the ancient flail and, using the Horadric Cube, I must combine the them to make the imbued flail. Before setting out to search for Khalim's relics, I pay a quick visit to Alkor who gives me a potion that he mixed using the ashes of Ku Y'leh called the Potion of Life which permanently increases my Life by 20 which is nice.


After searching around the jungle for a while, I return to port for a bit to talk to Hratli, who had returned to his forge, in order to repair my gear. He, then, tells me that the spell that is protecting the docks is weakening and that I must seek out a sword named Gidbinn which will be able to strengthen the spell again. I decide to search for the sword first, since protecting the docks is the main priority and it probably won't take as long to find the sword than it will finding the relics.

After proceeding back into the Spider Forest, as it's called, I continue towards the Flayer Jungle, where the sword is supposedly located. Upon entering and proceeding deeper into the Flayer Jungle, I get swarmed by a lot of Flayers, fortunately a greater health potion is enough to counteract the DPS they deal, allowing me to easily kill all of them as well as their Shaman. Eventually I reach the back of the jungle where I find the sword, but after attempting to take the sword it disappears and then I'm attacked by more Flayers, just not as many as before. After taking care of them, one of the Flayers dropped the real Gidbinn. Once I obtained it, I quickly return to the docks and give the sword to Ormus, who thanks me for returning the sword to him while still talking in the third person and he says he'll use it to reinforce the protection spell. Once I was done finishing my business in the Flayer Jungle, I return to the Spider Forest, in search of the Spider Cavern, where Khalim's Eye is located. Once I found the entrance to the Spider Cavern, I make a quick retreat back to the docks to stock up on potions and repair my gear. Upon talking to Ormus to buy some potions, he all of a sudden gives me a rare ring called the Viper Touch which is pretty decent, increasing my max damage by one, my total mana by 16, providing 14% of resist poison as well as increasing the chance of getting magic weapon drops by 8%.

Getting everything I needed, I return to the Spider Cavern entrance and proceed down it. Just as the name suggests, the cavern is full of spiders, though even though the area above is called the Spider Forest, I haven't encountered a single spider, except for the tiny harmless ones that crawl from the cacoons after I break them. After exploring the labyrinth that is the Spider Cavern, I eventually come across a glowing chest, which drops lots of gold, some potions and, most importantly, Khalim's Eye.

Once I got what I came for, I make my way back to the docks. Upon returning I talk to Deckard Cain and he confirms that the eye is indeed Khalim's Eye. After making sure my gear is in check and I'm stocked up on potions, I take rest up as I should try to while I still can.

End of Session Stats:


Level: 22 -> 23

Strength: 66 -> 67

Dexterity: 49 -> 48

Vitality: 57 -> 59

Energy: 23

Skill Update:

Zeal Level 2 -> 3

End of Day 8:

Well since I got my computer up and running again, I should be able to play tomorrow and hopefully I can find time during the middle of the upcoming weeks to play as I want to try and finish the main story before late August as that's when my fall semester starts.

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