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My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 9

diablo19 - My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 9

Day 9:

Feeling ready to go, I return to the Flayer Jungle so I can explore the Flayer Dungeon, where Khalim's Brain is apparently located. After making my way through the swarms of Flayers again, I arrive at the entrance to the Flayer Dungeon and descend the stairs. So far on level one, I am feeling rather underwhelmed by the number of enemies because, since it's the Flayer Dungeon, I expected to be constantly swarmed by numerous Flayer type demons, like how I was in the Flayer Jungle. Then again, this is only the first level, so there could be more. There was one demon so far that caused me a tiny bit of trouble and it was a unique Dark Shape that was immune to physical damage, which is frustrating since I mainly do physical damage with a sword, so I quickly swapped from Zeal to Holy Bolt, which deals very little damage since it's only a level 1 skill.

Eventually I find the stairs to the second level. The second level, so far, is a bit better, in terms of the amount of enemies, but still a bit underwhelming compared to the Flayer Jungle. Then, within a few minutes, I reach the stairs to the third level.

Somehow, to be honest, the third level so far is even more underwhelming than the upper two levels as the first time I encountered any monsters was when I got close to the back of the level. Well, anyway, I managed to get to the room with the chest containing Khalim's Brain and after killing two super unique monsters (I think that's the term for them) that were guarding the chest, of which I got two rare pieces of equipment, a bone helm and a war hammer, and after claiming the brain and quickly exploring the rest of the level, I teleport back to the port.

After identifying the two pieces of equipment, I find out that the bone helm is called the Fiend Crest and the warhammer is called the Fiend Smasher, so I guess they are normally dropped by those two monsters, either that or it was luck that I got two rare items with similar names. Either way, they were both decent pieces of equipment, better than the ones I have equipped right now. Once I was finished, I started towards the Kurast Bazaar, of which I assume I have to go through a few places to get to from looking at the checkpoint list.


Apparently, there were checkpoints for both the Spider Forest and the Flayer Jungle that I had missed, so I tried looking for them, starting with the Spider Forest one, but I didn't expect it would take me close to half an hour just to find the Spider Forest checkpoint, so if all of them for this act are so hidden like in the Spider Forest, it feels like it would just be a waste of time to find them all right now and I should only search for the ones that matter like the one that would be in the Kurast Bazaar which is my current destination, but it would be fine if I find the checkpoints for the other areas on the way.

Since I have two directions I can go to proceed, one heading towards the Flayer Jungle and one heading towards the Great Marsh, I decide to try heading through the Flayer Jungle, only because the next main area, Lower Kurast, is listed right after Flayer Jungle in the checkpoint, with the Great Marsh listed right before the Flayer Jungle.

After another half an hour, I manage to reach Lower Kurast and fortunately the checkpoint for the Flayer Jungle wasn't too far from Lower Kurast. That journey was a very tiring one, so I decided, after finding the checkpoint in Lower Kurast, to return to port and make sure I'm in top shape to continue.

End of Session Stats:


Level: 23 -> 24

Strength: 67 -> 76

Dexterity: 48 -> 52

Vitality: 59 -> 61

Energy: 23 -> 30

Skill Update:

Zeal Level 3 -> 4

End of Day 9:

Okay, I'm starting to see why this act is so time consuming since just getting from one area to the next takes a long time, so much that I decided to break my usual habit of completing the auto-map of each area because I want to continue going through the story. Well, despite that, I still plan to push on through as it's still a great game regardless and I want to see it to the end.

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