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My personal Seasonal guide check

diablo13 - My personal Seasonal guide check

I haven't made any adjustments to my basic seasonal guide in awhile so I figured I would put it out here for a couple reasons. First, for all you veterans who can help me tune it with new info from recent seasons. Second, for all newer players who might not have a simple resource like this.

Important note: my D3 playstyle is mostly solo since I don't have a play group. My goal is to play something fun as high as I can go. Also, the point of this guide is a general "What do I do next?" type of document. It will intentionally be missing basic D3 info such as Puzzle Rings in Cube open portal to Greed.

Run Challenge Rift for resources when season starts

-Boost Blacksmith and Mystic to level 12 to craft and reroll yellow lvl 70 2H weapons w/ Reduced Level Requirement to use during leveling

-Look for crafted item w/ % chance for CC (Slow, Stun, Freeze, Knockback…), having one of these rolls eliminates all other %CC rolls from the secondary affix pool to make it easier to roll Reduced Level Requirement

-Pay attention to gold spent rerolling and craft another lvl 70 yellow

Level to 70

-Group if you can for experience bonus

-Hard Mode for 75% experience bonus

-Get Skeleton King Crown and put ruby in it for experience

-Starting Loot – Kill boss w/ bounty (Zoltun, Kulle, Maghda)

-Consider completing the Act bounty after killing boss for a chance at Born's Defiance or Cain's Fate crafting plans

-Get to 70 how you prefer either through rifts and/or Massacre Bonus (Massacre Bonus – pull long chains of mobs for bonus xp in Act 1 Fields of Misery, Act 1 Cathedral or Act 1 Halls of Agony

-Check every 5-8 levels if you can craft a 2H weapon upgrade

-Check vendors for rings/amulets adding flat dmg in earlier levels

Hitting level 70

-Get Kanai's Cube – talk to Zoltun Kulle, Teleport to Act 3 Ruins of Sescheron, explore map for blue portal to Elder Sanctum, cube is typically near top-right of Elder Sanctum map

-Haedrig's Gift (Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of Seasonal Journey) to get class set can boost you quickly up to T10+ upon completion


-Ancient weapon is massive boost in power level (Reroll Legendary 5 of all Bounty mats + 50 Forgotten Souls)

-Missing pieces for your build? Roll Blood Shards with Kadala (don't be afraid to roll for rings), Upgrade Yellow item 25DB + basic crafting mats, or Convert Set Item 10DB + 10 Forgotten Souls

-Split bounties: RoRG, Horadric cache crafting plans and Bounty Mats (extract legendary powers & reroll legendaries for ancients)

-Normal Rifts: GR keystones & DBs (upgrade yellows ->legendaries & Mystic), equip relevant Farm gear: Gem Boon of the Hoarder, Avarice Band, Nemesis Bracers, Sage set, etc

-Speed Greater Rifts: obtain and level legendary gems to wear and for augments

-Basic Paragon Farming: Speed run Greater Rifts w/ random public groups

Late Game (when my build is complete including legendary gems)


-Basic Legendary -> Ancient: obtain duplicate legendary and save worse version for rolling … Reroll legendary 5 of all Bounty mats + 50 Forgotten Souls legendary crafting mat

-Mystic: Roll off worst into best stats based on each item using stat priority list (DBs/Forgotten Souls/Gems)

-Blood Shards: roll worst item slot for a possible upgrade which will never happen

Augment Gear phase

-Gems: w/ unused colors, craft 9 Royal gems, then convert them to main color and craft the 9 Royal -> 3 Flawless Royal good for 1 augment

-Push your highest GR to see where your build is currently at

-Level 5 legendary gems at a time starting at GR12 increaseing GR level by 1 each round

-Level legendary gems up ~10 levels below your max GR

-Augment your top 5 pieces of gear (least likely to replace soon)

-Test push new highest GR

-Rinse and repeat

-Stash gear upgrades to gear that is already augmented and augment them once every piece is already done (unless the gear upgrade is greater than a single augment, then include the upgrade in your next round of augments)

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