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My plausible fan fiction for our next villain

diablo2 - My plausible fan fiction for our next villain

I had fun writing this so this is my bit of plausible fan fiction and I hope you enjoy it!


Quick History

A long time ago the arch angel Inarius is capture by a lesser evil named Lilith. While he was capture he ranted about how he hates the Eternal Conflict and how it's stupid for angels and demons to fight for all of eternity. She agrees, releases him, and they band together to steal the worldstone and create Sanctuary (the world where we play the diablo games). Sanctuary was kept secret from heaven and hell and any angel/demon who didn't want any part in the eternal conflict took sanctuary there. Eventually angels and demons interbred which created Nephalim. Inarius and Lilith were the first to do this. So Inarius is sort of the father of the Nephalim. Eventually heaven and hell discovered Sanctuary and saw the power of the Nephalim. So the worldstone was altered to decrease the power of Nephalim which turned them into regular mortal humans over time. Inarius loved the humans as his children but both Heaven and Hell were pissed off that he made these Nephalim so Heaven agreed to hand over Inarius to Mephisto who imprisoned Inarius in hell where he's been tortured for all of eternity.

So in summary, Inarius created Nephalim and loves them as his children, but he's been imprisoned and tortured for it for the past several thousand years.

Quick Facts

  • Tyrael is concerned that the Nephalim may some day become corrupted: At the end of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls we see that Tyrael is once again concerned that the Nephalim is powerful enough to topple foes of both Heaven and Hell, while also being capable of choosing evil.
  • Diablo and the other evils have been released once again, presumably respawning in Hell.
  • Imperius and other angels have made it clear that Heaven is (at best) indifferent to humanity and (at worst) would have the eradicated.
  • The Nephalim just proved to all of creation that he/she is pretty much capable of destroying the greatest warriors on both sides of the Eternal Conflict.
  • Inarius is still imprisoned in Hell.

Fan Theory

The Nephalim has saved mankind, but he now realizes that humanity is caught in the middle of a war where both factions are not concerned with the well-being of mankind. He realizes that humanity might be on their own.


Meanwhile in Hell, Diablo respawns and realizes that the Nephalim is far more powerful than all the forces of hell could hope to overcome. He devises a plan.

Some time passes and a great ambiguous power arrives in Sanctuary in the form of a large fortress with a new powerful foe only known as Father. As they turn to the Nephalim, he vanishes. Soon this fortress wages a war on both Heaven and Hell, bringing chaos to much of Sanctuary.

Despite the forces of both Heaven and Hell fighting against Father's fortress, his General (revealed to be the Nephalim Kharazim) is able to hold off all the forces of Heaven and Hell.

This new Father foe has a surprising inside knowledge of Heaven, and uses this inside knowledge to alter the Crystal Spire, turning angels and arch angels into mortal angels like Tyrael, greatly reducing their power. In the same moment, Father's power grows immensely. Having successfully capturing Heaven, he sets his new throne above the Crystal Spire in the High Heavens.

Meanwhile in Sanctuary, his old fortress is being ruled by Father's #1 general Kharazim.


The playable characters include these now mortal angels who are more powerful than a human but less powerful than the Nephalim in Diablo 3. You fight to restore order to Heaven while leveling up your character and restoring your lost power.


It is revealed that (you guessed it) Father is Inarius. Diablo released him from his prison in Hell, knowing he may be the only being in the universe who could sway the heart of the Nephalim and would certainly turn his wrath towards Heaven.

After the events of Diablo 3 RoS, the Nephalim is uncertain about the fate of humanity as he realizes that neither Heaven nor Hell is truly concerned with the well-being of mankind. Soon after these thoughts troubled his mind, Kharazim, the Nephalim, is greeted by Inarius. Knowing the story of the origins of the Nephalim, Kharazim recognizes Inarius as his forefather, and perhaps the only God with the interests of humanity in mind. From this moment on Kharazim pledges his loyalty to his Father Inarius and thus began the assault on Heaven and Hell.

Throughout the game you fight through various foes protecting Father and the Nephalim, with Inarius being a major boss and the Nephalim Kharazim being the final boss.

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