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My skill tree feedback

diablo9 - My skill tree feedback

The Diablo IV tree system has a lot of potential, what Blizzard showed us it’s just a rough draft. After thinking about it, this is how I’ll like it to work with some considerations for endgame too. And sorry for any grammar mistakes, English it’s not my native language.

You have everything resumed in 3 images, but I’ll write it here too, but for the most part it’s better to look at the pictures (
rG1D2AA - My skill tree feedback


Types of Branches

  • Branches must be for single elements mostly, with a few exceptions for all-around useful skills like Teleport.
  • Every branch must start with a “Minor Destruction” skill or an all-around skill.
  • Mostly I see 4 types of possible branches (talking about skills only, not upgrades): 2 skills in a row, 3 skills with a bifurcation, 3 skills in line (I see these branches as ending in an ultimate) and 4 skills with a bifurcation (maybe 1-1-2 or 1-3). You can take a look at examples in picture 1:

Skill Upgrades and Modifications

  • I feel having only stacking upgrades doesn’t have enough variety. I propose to have also Skill Modifications where you have to choose between various options for a single node, and you can only have one (like runes in D3).
  • Also you can have upgrades and modifications that are required to advance in the branch and some that are optionals. Most of the upgrades and modifications must be in the same branch as the skill except if it interacts in some way with a skill for a different branch.
  • You can see a 2 skill branch I made up as an example of all these options in picture 2:
    Jf9eYrb - My skill tree feedback

Other considerations (picture 3, you don’t need to see this one, just text anyway)

  • Each character can have 8-10 branches on the tree. All minor destruction (or equivalent for other characters) are available at level 1, others unlock at different level ranges.
  • If you have all the skills useful for a lot of builds near the start of branches, the player has the option to sacrifice some skill upgrades and have different skills for different situations, even if not upgraded. A player could have 5 other skills plus Flame Shield, Ice Armor, Teleport and Blizzard all taken with few or no upgrades just for build variety without respec.
  • At maximum level the endgame progression could add ranks to skills/mods, so we can have a solid focused progression (equivalent to leveling in Diablo II since you unlock your “build” at level 30 or whatever up to level 99).
  • Not having ranks during leveling permits more build variety. You don’t need to choose variety OR power.
  • Also solves the problem that a player COULD not choose enough skills to fill the 6 slots 😛
  • The start also poses a problem (for Blizzard tree too), you start without skills until you put some points. A couple options could be making the player choose a starting Minor Destruction skill on the character creation or having a temporary “minor” skill the character loses when he/she learns their first skill.

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