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My take on wizard DMO. Would love some input!

diablo16 - My take on wizard DMO. Would love some input!

Hey guys!

I picked up diablo again a couple of months ago after not playing for several years. I did not do much searching for best build e.t.c. to start with so once the triamvurate dropped and I experienced unlimited power (pun intended), I just wanted to keep throwing frozen orbs around for the rest of my existence. After a while I came over a DMO set piece and saw the bonus and decided that this is the way forward. Since then I have been slowly building up my character around DMO set. Sometimes I would look up some builds online for inspiration, not to copy them but mostly see if there are some items that I simply dont know exist and would boost my build considerably. (I believe after all that figuring out your own min maxing is more fun than simply copying others)

So today I have managed to clear GR75 in 12 min (something). I feel that I have hit a brick wall. What I mean is that amongst all 100 items I have in my stash, I cant think of any item or item combination that will improve the build without changing it radically. I really like the playstyle of melee explosive blast monster mage with a strong frost orb that can be used both in melee and at range when required.

What I notice right now is that a lot of my items have not rolled so well. So it seems that the only way to go forward is to farm better duplicates. I would love to hear some input. Maybe I am missing something?

Here is the link to my profile: https://eu.diablo3.com/en/profile/MrsCrowley-2396/hero/117826385


Now in combat the tactic is as follows. (using enchantress) 1) Drop a time zone 2) Build up the triumvarate stack 3) Spam frost orb until oom. 4) Spam spectral blade until mana is full. (and if more shield is needed) 5) repeat from 3. 6) Always use explosive blast when off CD.

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This is the basic rotation. Some notes: Enchantress will sometimes proc occulus ring. I teleport into it if location is good(location is in melee range of whatever I am killing e.t.c). 2 set bonus of Tal rasha is mixed in. Unfortunately, I have not figured out a good way to generate the fire meteor. But still, the inclusion of tal rasha has lead to increase from grift 73 to 75. Unity + follower ( cant die ) seems to be necessary. Halo of arlyse also seems to be a must since it provides the benefit of giving me a few seconds to build up my spectral blade absorption shield when engaged by melee ( melee attackers get frozen on first hit, when they are unfrozen, I can absorb). Ashnaggars bracers also seem to be neccesarry.

In general, I cant figure out a way to squish in any more dmg without sacrificing survivability. And survivability is also tricky. (If all goes well, health bar never moves. If I didnt spam spectral blades enough, I get one shotted.) On lower grifts it was possible to place time zones well and dance around but on higher grifts, the density seems to high for that.

So, any suggestions? Should I just keep farming for better versions of the pieces I have or is there something fundamental I am overlooking?

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