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My thought on D2R (lucker with alpha access)

diablo17 - My thought on D2R (lucker with alpha access)

English is not my main language so their might be some mistakes

Hi everyone, I am one of the few lucky non streamer who had the luck to try the alpha and so here are my thoughts about D2R Technical alpha:

Sadly, I was quite busy this weekend and I couldn’t play as much as I would ☹

Feeling overhaul: Great game is looking amazing I really felt like I was playing old D2 like I saw it when I was younger. Graphics are gorgeous and swapping between old and new ones really Is amazing. I can tell you; you will swap between graphics all the time to see the evolution 😊.

The character select screen is gorgeous it’s a great idea and I can’t wait to see the background of the 3 last acts.

· Classes:

Sorceress: It’s the class I have played the most (up to 26) and it’s my favourite class from original d2.
Love the model 0 mistake here.
Fire skills looks amazing (the best looking of the 3 trees) especially meteor and the useless inferno

Lighting skills: looks good overhaul but for me lighting/chain lighting seems “too thin” so for me it was feeling less powerful than the original skills. Nova is looking great all others light skills look ok.

Cold skills: For me it’s the skill tree which need a little bit of work but not that much.
The 3 bolt skills (ice bolt/ice blast/glacial spike) super good nothing to change.
Frost nova looks amazing for me it’s the best-looking cold skill. The 3 cold amor skills nothing too much to say about it the effect look the same when launch (like the old game)

Frozen orb: the spiky orb is looking weird for me I would prefer a clean orb, but the bolt look great, and the light effect is gorgeous.

Blizzard: is sadly the less impressive of the skills. I was expecting a powerful feeling using it, but it is clearly not the case. The bolt/spike falling seems too thin/too small in comparison with the old version. For me 2 possibilities keep the same size it is but make it rain faster so it feels like it’s a blizzard. 2nd possibilities keep the same falling speed but make the bolt/spike bigger and longer.

Amazon: I have played it until level 18 (so some of the stuff is speak about is from what I saw on streams)

One of my other favourite class. Clearly the model is better than the 1st one we saw but I still thing it needs a little bit of work.

Magic and passive: Not much to say about them because there is not much effect in game, but Inner sight and slow projectile looks nice.

Bow and crossbow looks good specially fire skills. I think we can’t see very well the multiple arrows from Strafe and Multishot, but it might be because I only saw low level version of the skill with small amount of arrow.

Javelin and Spear: Physical skills looks Ok. For poison javelin and plague javelin the poison cloud seems a bit to light for me like ok its poisonous, but it doesn’t feel that poisonous (but I can’t tell if it’s because of the size of the cloud the colour not “green enough” or the particle effect)


For the lighting skills power strike and charged strike look good no change needed.
For lighting strike I have the same issue that I have for lighting or chain lighting. The lighting seems to thin so for me it’s look like less powerful.

Lightning Fury was for me the best looking/most fun to see skill in original game. Here the bolt looks weird (long blue lines). It doesn’t look bad but like for blizzard the original version looks better/feels more powerful.

Barbarian: Played until level 19. Not a lot to say because lot of skills are physical or passive but:

Model looks great, warcries look super nice but the jump (like in the old version) looks weird.

· Items:

Overhaul items looks super goods but some of them need a bit of a rework:

Potions, gems, jewellery are the less convincing specially the pentagram amu.

The chain gloves kind a look like oven gloves to me.

· Monsters:

They are the reason why I kept switching between legacy and new graphics all the time.
Not because I couldn’t recognize them, they are all clearly identifiable but just to see the improvement. Not a single monster has deceived me. I especially loved the Arach/ghost/Sand maggot and Duriel.

· Bugs:

The only “bug” I had is the one you where the map not instant loading when you top too fast and too far.

Not sure if it is a bug but TP seems to go a bit further than in the original D2.

· Other:

Lot of people might not agree with me on this one, but I feel that the game is darker than the original one especially in the darkest places (catacombs, jail etc etc) and I think it’s a bit too much, just a little bit. It might come from the light radius from the monster being less visible, but I think they need to give just a little bit bigger light radius to monsters. The game is still clearly playable with these light settings.

Frozen/cold monster or characters looks too much pale. It needs to be a darker blue.

· Not in alpha but want to see.

Breakpoint in the advance stat display (Yes even after 15+ years of D2 I don’t know every single breakpoints)

A place where all cube recipe and runeword are listed.

Some minor change in the bodies of dead rogues/bodyguards you can find in act1 and 2. Every rogues/mercenaries corpse you found are the same face/hair/armour in the original game it was bothering me because we couldn’t really saw their faces but now it is like there are all twins ^^

To conclude I would say that the fact that the only “negatives points” being only visual/graphic stuff show that the game is in a great way. It feels like diablo 2 it plays like diablo 2 and with some few graphical tweaks this game is going to be even mor awesome.

TL DR: Looks amazing all the “issues” are almost 100% graphic tweaks game going to be great I’m sure.

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