Diablo 3

My thoughts about the update.

diablo6 - My thoughts about the update.

So after finishing reading the dev blog and watching Rhykker's video about the topic I'll summarize my thoughts on the subject.

Disclaimer : I'm casual to hardcore hack and slash gamer from D2 to PoE and most of the games in the genre, but I'm by no means pro gamer. What I'm going to say could be wrong from developing stand point or I'm just might be wrong. Thanks for your time in advance.

Firstly I want to thank to the dev team about the way they comunicate with the community, this is two way relationships and it's very important to us. Thank you.

Now about the game : I really like the idea that stats will give us different things for the different classes, but if it's possible make them more distinct, maybe will power won't give the sorcerer healing, but auto rechargeable shield or something like that. This will give us even more immersion to our fantasy character.

Rhykker spoke about the dumping stats in D2 ( most of the stats points dumped into vitality) and I completely agree with him, but if devs leave skills (ww upgrade for exemple) like that won't be any different – you will unlock the bonus and then dumps everything into life again (or dmg), so I'm suggesting the same but different approach – the key skill upgrades to have different options that could be achieved by rising different stats (on just one skill like in God of War)

⏺️WW upgrades gives you( with DEX) 3% ms up to 20%. ( and now my suggestions on the same upgrade)

⏺️STR ( stat req) chance to bleed or stun.

⏺️ INT (Stat req) regen % resource while spinning

⏺️ Willpower – hit chance to lightning strike (or build up shield while spinning)


Now I have to choose to sacrifice life to build only two axes bleed barb or my spinning bleed buld or thunder clap + bleed barb, etc, etc. It's like d3 runes, but with necessary sacrifice to achieve desired build ( if is possible and balanced from dev pov )

Other point I want to discuss is defense. Everyone is talking about the power and attack, but what about defenses. I saw thorn on one item, but what about mitigation dmg. Defense should be exciting like damage. Create different defense for different architype – mage, warrior, support, tank etc. ( I know it's bad painful exemple but poe is doing fine in that direction) Nothing to say for now here, because this wasn't mentioned for now.

About the unique items – I really like idea behind random legendary powers on different items, but please be careful, find a balance between two or three items to be enough for our builds to work or we will end up with legendary in every slot (like in d3), magics and rares will be useless after all…

And for the love of diversity and breaking the game ( because sometimes that's is needed, how we will find funny builds if we don't break the game) make unique items with exceptions to the affixes – wands have faster speed and crit, but why not Soul Burning wand with life and mana leech instead of crit ( only that unique will have that exception), bow with only elemental dmg, etc.

Sorry for the long post and excuse me if you don't understand something Pm me I'll change it. I'm not native speaker and I'm trying my best to contribute to the community.

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