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[NA] nCg 4man GR145 Season HC. Rank 1 world! Wizard POV

diablo7 - [NA] nCg 4man GR145 Season HC. Rank 1 world! Wizard POV

n00b Clutch Gamerz gets the rank 1 world clear of GR145 in Season Hardcore!

Wizard POV: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/354865837

Players Role Twitch
<nCg> BrokenString Necromancer https://www.twitch.tv/brokenstring125
<nCg> DyS Monk https://www.twitch.tv/dyslive
<nCg> Mefesto Barbarian https://www.twitch.tv/mef_esto
<nCg> TheEggman Wizard https://www.twitch.tv/theultimateeggman

Some build info for those who are interested:

The Wizard is using a variant of the Firebird Star Pact build. This build stacks several multipliers on top of Meteor: Star Pact to land two meteors that deal massive damage during the arcane damage buff from CoE. A total of 5 meteors are cast per full CoE cycle. This specific build is called the "proc build," which is especially dangerous in Hardcore. To get an ignite (or "burn") with the Firebird set, the Wizard has to use three unique fire skills on the enemy, however the "proc build" only runs two fire skills: Electrocute: Forked Lightning, and Disintegrate: Convergence. To get an ignite, the Wizard has to "die" to proc the 2pc Firebird set bonus, which the game considers a fire meteor skill. This opens up a skill slot to use Black Hole: Spellsteal, which gives an additional multiplier to damage.


The Necromancer is the Rift Guardian killer, and is using a thorns build, where the Aberrant Animator passive gives thorns damage to the skeletons from Command Skeletons. The damage bonuses from Bane of the Stricken and the Bone Ringer shield are stacked to a large multiplier over time. Stack on several more multipliers from gear and passives, and the Rift Guardian eventually kills himself from from thorns damage.

The Monk is running a support build which provides toughness and damage buffs, plus massive healing to the group (especially to the Wizard). The monk also uses Cyclone Strike to keep enemies grouped tightly together. Especially important is Inner Sanctuary: Temple of Protection, which provides damage reduction and CC immunity to the Wizard.

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The Barbarian is also running a support build and his primary job is to run around the map corralling enemies towards the giant lump where the Wizard is casting meteors. The use of Ancient Spear: Rage Flip is especially useful for pulling enemies to where they need to go. The barbarian also provides important buffs for toughness and damage, including War Cry and Ignore Pain.

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