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[NA] Season 21 Rush Teams Now Forming | Clan Recruitment

diablo4 - [NA]  Season 21 Rush Teams Now Forming | Clan Recruitment

Many players reached new personal bests last season and Season 21 is looking to be just as fun. Our clan forms 4-man groups for “Rush Teams” ahead of the season launch and when the season starts, we race to level 70 in these teams in a friendly sort of competition. The last few seasons we have had around a dozen rush teams formed before season launch and several more were thrown together ad-hoc at the last minute from our clan Discord.

If you’re looking for a group of friends to slay demons with, the NA/PC seasonal clan “Attack Speed Kills” is looking to grow!

We currently have about 140 members in the clan, most were over p800 with many in the 1200-2000 paragon range last season. We have a Discord server for both text and voice chatting and many of us hang out in there all day long, even when not in-game. It’s a nice community with a mix of seasoned and new players. Everyone checks their ego at the door and we avoid drama like the plague. Note that we’re recruiting active players, not people who only play the first and last week of a season. However, many of us play other games as well… Path of Exile, WoW Classic, Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter, Destiny 2, Fortnite, etc. We have varied interests but we all love Diablo. At least for the first few weeks of each season. 🙂

Why would you want to join our growing community of players in ASK?

– Seasonal launch events (Season 21 Rush teams now forming!)

– Clan power leveling

– Help with season journey and conquests

– Help with set dungeon completion

– Split bounty runs

– You want to learn how to do Rat Runs or Meta Runs in friendly groups


– Mostly you just want to run rifts with friendly folks to make the grind more enjoyable!

Why would you NOT want to join our growing community?

– You’re an elite player who doesn’t have time to help others

– You’re a botter. You’ll find other clans more receptive to your style of play.

– You truly do not like other people

– You’re only looking to run GR130+ rifts and anything less is a waste of your time

While many of us enjoy running GR80 – GR100s (sometimes higher), rat runs, and meta runs, we’re not huge leaderboard pushers and no one is going to tell you what class you have to play. Play what you want to play! Having fun is what this game is about. Well, that and saving the world from demons. There’s also a fair amount of friendly competition within the clan for bragging rights in several categories.

If you’re interested in joining you can do any of the following:

– Search the in-game clan finder for Attack Speed Kills and request invite

– Send a friend request to one of our officers

READ THIS !!! You can only be in one clan at a time so you MUST leave your current clan before requesting an invite to ASK. People who request an invite but are still in another clan will be silently rejected. This happens so much, I wonder if people can read. 🙂

See ya in Sanctuary!

HamGunner#1602 / ShadowKnight#1935 / gogosox#1212 / ixxiixxi#1422

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