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Necromancer Survivability: What am I missing?

diablo8 - Necromancer Survivability: What am I missing?

I recently returned to this game after a hiatus and picked up the Necromancer for this season alongside my WD. As a long-time player, I have played all the classes and I am very familiar with the system mechanics and how to optimise damage, manage mobs in higher GRs etc. I have never ever had a problem pushing my gear to its limit… Until I played the Necromancer.

Just how the hell are you supposed to survive with this class in any endgame content that is worth mentioning? I've played my fair share of glass cannons, but it absolutely comical to me how laughably fragile the Necromancer is. Even farming T13, an endeavour that is meant to be trivial, still leaves you at risk of getting one shot by pretty much anything. One stray Thunderbolt, Jailer ring, Poison pool, Desecrate, or whatever from an elite mob and I'm instantly dead. Instantly. No room for outplay. Just instantly dead. And this is not even taking the lethality of random archers and Khazra spears flying around the place into account.

I don't find damage to be an issue whatsoever. The class hits as hard as multiple freight trains, that's not really up for debate… But I am shocked at how easy it is to just die so casually.


For context I play the Rathma/Jesseth Singularity Mage setup almost exclusively. With this, I have been able to push as far as GR82. On my WD however, I just easily cleared a 95 with just over 4 minutes left and I am confident that with a bit of luck, I can reach the goal I set for myself which is GR100. With my Necromancer I feel like while the damage is there, I just can't survive anything and I am constantly having to fight enemies off-screen with my mages/skeletons in front of me tanking damage. Doing this means it's even harder to dodge affixes like Thunder because I can't see it coming, and honestly, it just isn't fun. I've watched several videos of post-90 GR clears and they just seem to get extremely lucky with the mobs they get.

I have tried Pestilence/Trag Lance builds, and while they are strong no doubt, the playstyle of constantly fishing solely for elite packs has never interested me. I tried Inarius, but that was disappointing. Speaking of Inarius… What's up with that? The damage mitigation Bone Armor offers seems terrible compared to options other classes have.

Anyways, I'm starting to ramble. I realise the failing may ultimately be with me and not necessarily the class itself, so any advice would be appreciated. Really like the class and its aesthetic, but honestly it's becoming really frustrating to play.

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