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Need help finding a build

diablo15 - Need help finding a build

Hi all, so season 15 was my first time playing d3, or any video games in general the last few years. Im playing on xbox one and I half-arsed did a few builds on a few different characters, and ended up settling on a rathma mage build as my main seasonal char and managed to get up to GR 90 before I realized that i could augment ancients.. Augmented a few today and got up to GR 97 so far and hoping to at least beat a level 100 GR before season ends (I cracked the top 200 necros on my first season playing, not too shabby for not knowing the game)

Anyways, with season 16 buffing up some other sets I'd like to find what build I should try out. I was thinking maybe a frozen orb wizard as in d2 I always played a Magic find orb sorc for pvm. I'm pretty open to suggestion, and as I am on xb1 I didn't get the chance to test anything on ptr to see what I may like.

As this will probably help the most with finding the right build for me, here are the reasons I stuck with the rathma build. First off, cooldowns, i cant fu*king stand them or how they are set up in this game. My first rendition of my necro was a corpse lancer and as well as it did for solo pushing, the whole running till you find an elite mob and then only having a few seconds per 3 minutes where you deal damage isn't my idea of fun, I'd prefer to do less damage overall and be able to constantly be engaged in gaming even if i might not top the leaderboards. This was my biggest gripe with this game starting out because I tried googling the best char builds for each class and the majority of them seemed to have this play style, of where you really don't do anything at all 80% of the time besides run around trying not to die while your skills cooldown again.

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My second biggest problem isn't really something I can change without going to pc, or unless somehow D3 gets updated to work with a keyboard and mouse on xb1 like a few other games have started doing. But the inability to target a specific target (ie the boss in an elite mob) to kill it before the rest without it being extremely difficult to do so ruins a lot of the builds that I may actually enjoy because if you get an elite mob of plague minions surrounded by trash and cant target the ones causing the map to fill with poison you end up either constantly dodging and doing no damage, or constantly dying.. and doing no damage..

Tldr: I want a build that works on xbox one, and doesn't consist of most of the game play being waiting on skills to cool down. Preferably a non necro, and leaderboards don't mean much to me. Though I obviously would prefer not to get stonewalled at or before GR70.

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