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Need Help Identifying my Graphical Issues

diablo7 - Need Help Identifying my Graphical Issues

Hi there. I've been having some issues with randomized stutters and FPS drops to 0. There doesn't seem to be any pattern when I'm playing, and indication of what events in the game impact my system in a way that is causal to the freezing. Except when the community event happens (the useless elements buff that does nothing but clutter your screen) that seems to have a huge impact sometimes, but other times it's entirely fine and doesn't even make my FPS drop.

I have tried some suggestions and solutions on Google and nothing has seemed to make a difference. Some examples that I've looked into or tried are as follows;

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None of these have helped me figure out what the issue is.

In addition to these stutters and FPS drops my game also sometimes upon loading into a new game public or private, has a very long loading time to the point that causes me to timeout upon finish and I have to rejoin a new game.

Initially when I started playing I was running the recommended graphics settings which were all Highest, except Anti-Aliasing was 4x.

Max FPS for Foreground and Background was default and the game was running Fullscreen.
I've tried adjusting the graphics and tried Windowed Fullscreen. At this point everything is all lowest settings and I have Low FX enabled and SSAO disabled – nothing has changed.

My specs are;

Windows 10 64bit
5.95 usable background RAM
Radeon RX 570
4076 MB of RAM
With a speed test I'm coming up on 17.03 Mbps DL and 2.28 Mbps UL
All drivers are up to date.
And initially I was running a set temperature control through Radeon, I had this set for Fallout 4 specifically but I tried putting the settings back to automatic and there we're no changes.


aqdvup5okec51 - Need Help Identifying my Graphical Issues



Here is my Radeon Options for Diablo 3 (I don't dabble much with this and let Radeon take care of it by itself).



Another thing to add, Diablo 3 is on an SSD that is not cluttered and I also ran a Disk Cleanup and checked for useless files lying around my system just to be sure. Everything is as should be.
I had a suspicion that it may be just be an inadequate GPU, but that doesn't make too much sense to me because I can run Fallout 4 on High Graphics, and highly modded(up to 200, including graphical enhancements containing many 2k resolutions), I have no issues running WoW on High Graphics, and Classic WoW on the highest for all settings even while raiding. I also have no issues playing Metro Exodus on Medium settings and that game is very heavy on the GPU that I have, but there's never any stuttering or FPS drops.

Anyway thanks for reading, and any help is very much appreciated. If anyone knows what may exactly be the cause, or what I may be able to tweak to reduce these FPS drops in D3 that would be amazing.

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