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After all the scrutiny I saw on my YouTube feed I couldn’t help but check out what the fuss was about. As they say all publicity is good publicity. I have watched tons of diablo stuff and it looks fun. Was going to play this weekend for the holidays.


Another vid came across my feed now about blizzard keeping reddit users silent. After seeing it I’m baffled at the shill moderator here. Ythisens banned a person just because they were fairly critical. Thanks to Alexensual YouTube creator for bringing this to my attention. I assumed I will get banned or something. That is fine because if this is how you guys are treating your die hard long term fans I’ll gladly not support your game as a new customer and not be spit in the face down the road by you. So keep pulling stuff like this and see what fans you gain and have left in the end. I’m just one person but it adds up.

Had a chance to pull me in but I’ll go on to another game . Deuces

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