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So I browsed the wikis and some new player posts and they are either out of date or not really answering the questions I have. I just bought the game last week and started a crusader on seasonal. I've been doing the bounties to get the rewards etc. I'm currently on master and am working on the season journey quests. I'm on chapter 4 I believe….where the difficulty for rifts and bosses are various torment level difficulties. I play crusader and use blessed hammer and condemn abilities with falling sword and iron skin as compliments. Master difficulty is mostly what I'm playing on right now. Rifts aren't as fast but I'm very rarely in danger of dying. The class armor rewards I got from seasonal journey chapters have buffs to shield bash or whatever it's called abilities. I dont use these abilities and they dont seem like a great upgrade for me. Am I supposed to enchant these to try to get abilities more in line with my build? Do I just keep doing bounties and rerun rifts to try to get better gear? When should i start doing greater rifts? Or any information at all would be helpful and appreciated. Also I never completed campaign. Should I stop doing seasonal (even though it ends soon) and do campaign?


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