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New player help with season progress

diablo19 - New player help with season progress

So I just started playing D3 (played the campaign when it originally launched, including RoS, but no endgame content; felt like a new player coming back). I started really late into the season (like 2-3 weeks ago and played <10 evenings).

Started a Season Wizard, used this guide: https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/meteor-wizard-tal-rasha-variation and just tried to advance through the Season objectives.

I could use some hints to get to and finish Conqueror for the Stash tab before the season ends (I'm working on Destroyer now but I only have 2 days left until the season ends so I feel like I won't have the time to just stumble around), because honestly I can't see any short term objectives to improve my build (I'm just doing GR to level up my legendary gems, but I don't know what to gamble shards on any longer; I have some resources stocked to use the Cube if needed).


Tal Rasha Set Dungeon mastery from Champion was pretty hard, it took me 20+ attempts to finish it and I had to learn the location of every Shai Hulud worm, so there might be other hard objectives in front of me…

I can do Torment 13 but dying from time to time to groups of trash that apparently hit REALLY hard (the Rift boss dies in less than 5 seconds). I don't have the weapon in the guide, one dropped but the rolls are really bad and I didn't find a Ramaladni's Gift yet (which apparently is a random drop). I don't spend a lot of time channeling Arcane Torrent, so now that weapon seems like a downgrade. Intelligence gems are a work in progress, they don't seem to drop that much.

Anyway, my char is: https://eu.diablo3.com/en/profile/Cos2k-2626/hero/114677190. Any suggestions?

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