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Non Season AND Season Botting Worse Than Anyone Realizes – Let’s Clear Things Up

diablo14 - Non Season AND Season Botting Worse Than Anyone Realizes - Let's Clear Things Up

I'm making this post because this subreddit seems to have major misconceptions about the extent of the plague that is D3 botting, on all servers, on all modes, and the effect of botting on the game itself. For the record I used to bot this game like crazy on both Non Season and Season and I still talk to many of the names you see on the leaderboard on both game modes, on multiple servers; I also support banwaves and think they should ban all bot software. I quit over a year ago but it surprises me how much misinformation there is out there on this topic. I've seen countless posts here hand-waving away the problem with comments that are 100% incorrect such as:

"It's ok they do banwaves regularly" "Botting only gets you mats and keys" "Botting doesn't help you attain high GR spots" "You can't bot high paragon, you need to do 4 man runs for that"

Here's the truth:

  1. Blizzard has been unable or unwilling to ban botters for many years now. Many of the names at the top of the Non Season leaderboard iacross all servers have been botting for SEVERAL YEARS, 24/7. Yes, I'm talking years. Some of them have been online 24/7 since 2015. They've never been banned, suspended, or recieved any punishment at all.

  2. The majority of seasons have 0 bans and 0 "banwaves". Blizzard does ban some season players who use bots, but they only ban a handful, probably 10%. Bans are not comprehensive nor do they "catch all bots regularly".

  3. Botting > Groups even for paragon Botting is more efficient than any 4 player group at getting XP because the solo XP rates are now up to 1.2 to 1.5 trillion AN HOUR. Solo. No downtime, no breaks, no need to find groups. The only point to group now for botters is to push or level up gems. Bots are literally better than humans at everything else now. Botters are now up to 8500 – 9000 paragon.

  4. The major bot providers are updated to work with recent Diablo patches literally within days of changes happening. I've long suspected there's something shady going on because although I am not a software person myself, I find it highly suspect that random, independent bot programmers are able to figure out every and all changes Blizzard makes to Diablo every single patch in under 24 hours. Something's off about that.

  5. Botting impacts the leaderboard to a GREAT extent. Infinite keys, infinite mats, infinite time. It's an ENORMOUS advantage. Don't listen to people who tell you botting doesn't impact the ladder. It does. I can tell you right now that every single Rank 1 solo and group placement in Non Season, across all servers, is botting.

  6. Some statistics / facts

— LON Fire Sader can get 1.4+ Trillion an hour — LON Necromancer can get 1.2+ Trillion an hour — DH can get 1.2+ Trillion an hour — Any major T13 keyfarm build can get 18-20+ T13 runs an hour, that's 400+ keys overnight — Season botters are up to 3000-4000 paragon within the first two months of a season — Non Season botters are up to 8000-9000 paragon in NA and Europe, and 9000-9500+ in Asia

Make of this information what you will, but stop spreading misinformation or pretending the problem isn't bad. It is really bad. Blizzard has done practically nothing to clean up Diablo 3.

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