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Noob questions – General and for Vyr’s Wiz

diablo11 - Noob questions - General and for Vyr's Wiz

I picked up the game for Switch last week and I'm having a blast. I played back when it was released but never went beyond the Campaign, so I'm trying to wrap my head around the mid-/late- game. I've done a fair amount of reading, here and on Icy Veins, but I still have a bunch of questions I couldn't find answers to. Thanks in advance for any help – I'm sure these are noob questions but I hope someone doesn't mind breaking it down for me. 🙂  

General Questions

  1. The builds I'm looking at all list stat priorities for items, focusing a lot it seems on critical chance/damage. I'm not quite sure though how to go for optimal stats on items. Do you just grind so much that lots of duplicates drop and you pick the best one? Reforging at the cube? Gambling with blood shards? And if I'm going to want ancient equipment soon, is it even worth maximizing my regular legendary gear?

  2. I did my first challenge rift, but I'm having trouble collecting the reward. I spoke with the NPC there and got the congratulations, the challenge is showing as completed with my time on the menu, but nothing showed up on the reward pedestal in-game. Am I missing something? I found an old post where someone thought challenge rifts were bugged on Switch. Are they? That would suck obviously.

  3. While I'm still looking for items, how should I pick my difficulty? I know drop rate goes up with Torment levels, but is it worth it to farm on lower difficulty so I can get through mobs faster?

  4. Is anyone playing multiplayer on the Switch? I found one Discord on reddit but it seemed pretty dead. And I've tried the Quick Match option but never found anyone.

Vyr Wizard Build Questions

I think I'm on the right track here. I have the full Vyr's set from Season rewards, plus The Swami and Fazula's Improbable Chain. I'm currently using the Goldwrap/Avarice/Boon of the Hoarder combo for farming.

  1. I have Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac but I don't think it's working. I try spamming different resource spending skills while Archon is on cooldown, but it doesn't seem to speed up the cooldown. Am I missing something?

  2. The build I like leans into lightning damage with Manald Heal and Paralysis. But if Vyr's gives Archon all its runes, how do I make sure my damage will be lightning to go along with those items?

  3. I'm seeing very different suggestions for a good legendary gem to use. Is there something I should go with given that I'm moving slowly through the GR levels?

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