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diablo2 - Noob questions

I actually fell of the diablo train after the first game, then i got back in when 3 came out but i never played 2, but corona gave me no excuse not to do a playthrough, but i'm at a bit of a loss at a few things;

– I'm playing a druid, which is fun. love being a wolf hybrid man with a wolf pet wrecking crew, but it's just so easy?? i put two green gems in my regular, unenchanted 2 socket sword, the damage of which apparently carries over to the wolf shape, and i'm literally one-shotting everything i meet. I'm lvl 16 and in the cloister, and nothing i've encountered, except for a frost hunter woman in the early game, has given me any sort of challenge. i just one shot literally everything, and my wolves usually tear everything apart so i mostly just look at loot and sort my inventory while they kill everything. does it ever get harder?

I have literally no idea about what skills are good, i just decided i'd be a wolfboy and invested everything into everything wolf, and it apparently ruined the game??


i get SO much shit for literally every other class, but i've found TWO (2) druid specific items, a wolf hat that gave +2 to wolf shape which was nice until i foolishly chose to have it "imbued" after i found the hammer for the smith, so now it gives +2 to firestorm and +1 to molten orb which is kind of useless to me as i don't need that kind of damage control since even my human form can one shot everything, and i found an eagle hat that gave +1 to firestorm.


How do i get more druid gear? pretty shit not getting any character specific items, but on the other hand i don't really need it though..

is there a store that sells druid gear? the stores in the rogue camp sells gear for literally every other class except the druid..

Also, what gear should a druid use? RN i'm just using whatever armour stuff i find on the ground, a 2 socket short sword and some random buckler. it does the job, but it hardly feels "druid-like". Being an avid DnD nerd, i might have unrealistic expectations though.

– Does it ever go underground?

what i liked the most about D1 and D3 to an extent were the claustrophobic dungeons and these huge open fields where you just have to criss cross for hours on end to find the portal got old after the first area. It's crazy boring having to stock up half your inventory with stamina potions to save time when you trek back and forth in an organized pattern to find the landmarks

– Will i ever be able to increase inventory capacity?

having to TP back to town every five minutes is nothing but a timesink, and the inventory just gets smaller and smaller with every tome and charm….

thanks a lot for your time

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