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Old School S18 idea

diablo9 - Old School S18 idea

WARNING: This could suck.

With LoN being so versatile now and Forzen Orb LON being a really good farming build, I was kind of inspired by nostalgia! I think this could be a cool theme for S18.

LoN still in effect, set items removed, numbers would need adjusting.

Wizard changes

New legendary – Arcane Orb – Frozen Orb damaged changed from 950% to 1900%

New legendary – You are immune to damage for 2 seconds after teleporting, this cannot activate more than once per 20 seconds

New legendary – Enemies who are slowed have a chance to summon a Mirror Image with 25% of the Wizards health when they are hit, the Mirror Image taunts enemies within 10 yards and cast Frozen Orb when they die.

Teleport cooldown removed

Barbarian changes

New legendary – Whirlwind damaged changed from 340% to 3,400% – While Whirlwinding, you move at 40% movement speed

New legendary – Enemies hit by leap take 200% increased damage from Whirlwind

New legendary – Enemies killed by Frenzy summon an ancient with 250% of the Barbarians life that last forever. Each Ancient can taunt up to 1 enemy, taunted enemies are stunned for 0.5 seconds when they are hit by the Ancient and take 50% increased damage from Whirlwind.

Leap cooldown removed

Demon Hunter changes

New legendary – You deal 3,000% increased damage when wielding a fist weapon

New legendary – Enemies slowed by Caltrops take 250% increased damage from Grenade and Spike trap

New legendary – Grenade damage changed from 160%/110% to 1,600%/1,100% and they no longer bounce or detonate until an enemy moves within 10 yards.

New legendary – Fan of Knives damage changed from 620% to 6,200%, now has a cooldown of 20 seconds. Enemies killed by Fan of Knives summon a Spike Trap that does not count towards your maximum number of Spike Traps

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New legendary – Spike trap damage changed from 1,160% to 2,320%, maximum number of traps changed from 4 to 8

Vault cooldown removed

Necromancer changes

New legendary – Command Skeletons now summons 12 minions, and their damage is increased from 50% to 400%

New legendary – Summon Golem now summons a smaller golem, with 100% increased attack speed


New legendary – Can now summon 12 Skeletal Mages that last forever, but have 25% of the Necromancers health. Upon dying, there is a chance for the Skeletal Mage to cast Detonate Corpse or Corpse Lance in a 10 yard radius

New legendary – Bone spear damage changed from 500% to 1,400% and now fears enemies hit for 1 second

New legendary – Bone spikes now creates impassable terrain for enemies

New legendary – You gain the Bone Prison passive, enemies trapped inside a Bone Cage take 250% increased damage from your minions

Blood Rush cooldown removed

Monk changes (found this way harder than turning the DH into an assassin, probably completely idiotic)

New legendary – Your spirit generators deal 50,000% damage when weilding a bow, all generators become ranged attacks.

New legendary – Mystic Allies now wield javelins and follow you closely, attacking and slowing enemies by 25% that come within 15 yards

New legendary – Enemies hit by Mystic Allies bleed for 0.5% of their health for 10 seconds, bleeding enemies hit by Lashing Tail Kick are stunned for 5 seconds

New legendary – Lashing Tail Kick damaged increased from 755% to 3,000% and knocks enemies back 40 yards. Enemies hit take 50% increased damage from your spirit generators

New legendary – Forbidden Sanctuary increases the attack speed of you and your allies by 25%

Dashing Strike cooldown removed

Crusader changes

New legendary – Blessed Hammer knocks enemies back 10 yards and stuns them for 0.5 seconds, damage increased from 320% to 1,510%

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New legendary – Consecrate is now an aura around the Crusader and lasts for 30 seconds, but allies only receive 50% healing.

New legendary – Smite jumps to every enemy on the screen, stunning them for 0.5 seconds and increasing the damage they take from Blessed Hammer by 50%. Each enemy hit by Smite will run in fear should they enter Consecrate's aura, this cannot happen to the same enemy more than once every 10 seconds.

Falling Sword and Steed Charge cooldowns removed

Witch Doctor changes

Never played this class, and is not much like anything in Diablo 2. Changes similar to the Necromancer.

I'm bored at work! Hope people find it an interesting read at least 🙂

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