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open servers and more open customization

diablo16 - open servers and more open customization

I just wanted to ask, if it is technical possible to run custom servers in the future?

The day will come, when diablo3 will be outdated and probably a new Diablo4 will be deployed.
For most modern single player games and also most sandbox games it is typical to have mod support nowadays.

In my opinion Diablo3 always had the best fluid gameplay of all hack and slay type games. But there are other competitors with their own strength and in my opinion better in general.
The reason isnt that complicated. Diablo3 is more restrictive because they intend to have a balanced leaderboard.

The long term motivation is seasons and leaderboards for greater rifts. The downside is, if you got suspended there is almost no human way to become competetive anymore. The Paragon level in higher ranks is mandatory, enchanting your gear aswell. This is timeconsuming like hell and you need to be unamployed, friendless or a cheater using bots.

Also small inventory and high grind prevented experimenting lots of different characters in the past. This is one issue you already tried to get rid of.
But since everything is completely gear depending and all skills may be changed any time, you have no motivation to try to find out new playstyles with different character types. Even with new dlc classes, this issue will occur very fast.

The last season ptr was realy fun because you ripped one main annoiance apart, the limitations of having a mandatory ring to have your sets running well. I was always a fan of combining sets because your set is in a way your class.

Each set changes your way of playing in a complete and in a mandatory way. The limitations are also made very tight to overlook and always seemed so artificial. New skillsets in different hack n slay games feel more natural and there is a very high motivation to find out new combinations of items and skills completely on your own.
In this type of games, it is one part of the gameplay to try to outsmart other players to be more effiction in leaderboards.
Unfortunately, sometimes it isnt even possible because you cannot compare to paragon over 9000 accounts and are frustrated right at the beginning.


In the past there were many other games with lots of difficulties and strungling around. Once they got private servers with modificated skills and items instantly these games became very popular.

Blizzard also benefited of mods ALOT in the past.
– Warcraft 3 was deeply influenced by "storymods" of starcraft which changed starcraft to rpg like games

– Dota was a mod before
– Warcraft 3 was one of the most popular LAN Games, the mod support was also one of the reasons
– In starcraft there were completely own gamerules made for popular online leagues, like the fast or fastest mod gametypes.

In my opinion it would be great, if you would allow the community to create own servers for your own modded versions. Like "freeshard" servers. You could still implement a way to check the license if you first let the players login into a licensing server and after that allowing the players to connect to custom servers.

Without Mods, we would never have great games like we have today. I think it would be a great benefit and a realy positive announcement and a good sign for the companys reputation. Since the blizzcon diablo embarrassing this could realy become one of the main reasons why fans of the franchise would have another reason to buy diablo3 and diablo4 again. Also this would help a little bit to decrease server capacitys and ressources and high running costs.
Actually i would even pay a specific diablo 3 server licence just to be allowed to run a custom diablo3.

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