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Paragon vs. GR Level Analysis (with Graph)

diablo11 - Paragon vs. GR Level Analysis (with Graph)

Have you ever wondered: If I have 10k paragon, how many GR levels higher would I be able to do? This is very difficult to estimate, since higher paragon players tend to have better gears, better augments, better skills, and more time spent on GR fishing.

But since we are interested in the effect of paragon on GR level, let's assume everything else being equal – same gears, same augments, same map, and the exact same mouse and keyboard input from the player. What would be the difference in GR levels between, for example, a 2k paragon player and a 10k one?

This is also not a straightforward question, since it depends on how much mainstat you have from gears, augments, gems, skills, and paragon.

You get 217 mainstat as a level 70 character. Assume your weapon and jewelries are trifecta, and your gloves are quad (so no mainstat on them). This means you have 650 mainstat on shoulders, chest, belt, pants, boots, and bracers (6 pieces), and 1000 mainstat on helm and off-hand (2 pieces). Let's also assume that you have full level 100 augments (500 mainstat x 13 pieces), and no paragon put into vitality.

At paragon level x, your mainstat (M) would be:

M(x) = 217 + 650*6 + 1000*2 + 500*13 + (x-700)*5 = 12617 + (x-700)*5

Your mainstat multiplier (P) would be:

P = M/100 + 1

Using 2k paragon as a baseline, we get the following table:

ParagonMainstatMainstat MultiplierDamage relative to 2kGR increase relative to 2kGR increase for each 1k paragon gain

For example, going from 2k to 3k paragon will result in a 26% damage increase, which translates to a 1.47 GR level increase. ln(1.26) / ln(1.17) ≈ 1.47. (Monster health increases by 17% for each GR level compared to the previous one.)

Going from 2k to 10k paragon will result in a 208% damage increase, which is a little more than 7 GR levels. ln(3.08) / ln(1.17) ≈ 7.16. (7.17 if you avoid rounding previous numbers.)

Using the last column, we can also calculate that going from 5k to 10k will result in a 3.49 GR level increase.

D5NM2np - Paragon vs. GR Level Analysis (with Graph)

This is a graph showing GR level increases starting at 2k paragon.

The above numbers are based on assumptions about a general case. If you want to figure out how many GR levels higher you can do for your specific build, then first figure out how many mainstat you have now, and use d3planner to figure out how many mainstat you would have at a certain paragon level. Once you have those two mainstat numbers, convert them into mainstat multipliers (P = M/100 + 1). Then you can calculate their relative damage, and use ln(relative damage) / ln(1.17) to figure out how many GR level it translates into.

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