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Patch 2.6.5 Torment Difficulty Speculation

diablo2 - Patch 2.6.5 Torment Difficulty Speculation

The latest notes for the 2.6.5 PTR state the following:

"Adjustments have been made to enemy Health and Damage in Torment 14, 15, and 16 to better match up to Greater Rift 65, 70, and 75 respectively"

While it's not exactly clear and difficult to test how enemy damage may scale differently, we do know a lot about enemy health scaling in Greater Rifts. If you'd like to learn more about this, you can read my Diablo 3 Greater Rift Scaling Guide.

For those who don't know, monster health scales by a factor of 17% per Greater Rift level and Torments VII+ each go up by 5 Greater Rifts of difficulty. However, these values are also subject to another multiplier due to multiplayer scaling.

For Torments, the following factors are used:

1 Player: 100%.

2 Players: 150%.

3 Players: 200%.

4 Players: 250%.

For Greater Rifts, the factors are approximately:

1 Player: 62.5%.

2 Players: 125%.

3 Players: 187.5%.

4 Players: 250%.

As you can see, while the values are the same for 4-player groups, the difficulty drops more dramatically for each player you choose not to bring to a Greater Rift. In fact, for solo players it scales down below 100%, in effect making GRs 60% easier than corresponding Torment levels. For solo, this means that a Torment 13 is actually equivalent to a GR63, not a GR60. The game has functioned this way for a long time, with many people unaware of the change. However, with Patch 2.6.5 adding additional Torment levels, scaling higher than popular farming builds are able to handle while still managing to clear the "corresponding" Greater Rift levels of difficulty, apparently Blizzard has finally heard the complaints to fix this.


60% more health is significant in terms of viability for speed clears, especially when it comes to grouping for a 4-man split bounty. There are many ways that they could adjust the scaling for this, but it's unclear from the patch notes which route they will take. They could make T14-T16 scale up by 4 GRs of difficulty instead of 5. This would bring T16 down to GR75 levels of difficulty, which is probably their primary concern; however, this is not likely to be how they do it if they also want to scale T14 down to GR65 levels of difficulty. More likely would be a flat nerf for these difficulties by 60%. This would fix the scaling issue for these Torment levels, but it would also make the jump from T13 to T14 a relatively minor increase.

However, there is another option, which is to fix multiplayer scaling for Torments to be aligned at the solo GR difficulties:

1 Player: 62.5%.

2 Players: 93.75%.

3 Players: 125%.

4 Players: 156.25%.

Greater Rift difficulty won't change, but they can change Torments to keep the scale of difficulty per player the same and bring overall difficulty down about 3 GR levels per Torment. If they did it this way all the way down it would not surprise me due to how confusing this has always been for players. If the interface says GR60 = Torment 13, it should have always been this way. However, I hope they don't do this. That's just more power creep this game doesn't need, and it would further trivialize the early season climb. I personally think they should just fix the Nephalem Obelisk to be more accurate or remove Torment 16. Anyway, what do you think they will do? What should they do to fix it? Should they leave it alone?

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