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People asked me to buy a bot….if I want to further play

diablo15 - People asked me to buy a bot....if I want to further play

2300 Paragons with Chantodo/StarPact Wizard, Lance Necro RGK, Zmonk and etc. I was constantly looking for team around GR125+ on Asia server. Normally, I would find myself a job as zmonk in GR140 or GR145. My other builds are decent but no one wants me as others have 3k+ paragons.

When I ask people in the team how could they get to 3500+ paragon (1.5 month in S18) so fast and have such optimal build at same time. They told me buy a bot! They just laugh at me when I told them BLZ could ban them. They shout to me saying that is never going to happen unless BLZ want to ban everyone here.

They asked me pay 5USD per quarter to join 3k paragon club otherwise I can hardly to find a dps role in the team. They said, bot runs GR110 24/7 and able to get rift keys. They have to salvage 6-7 pages of ancient / primal every 20 hours. They only manually push for upgrading gems and enjoy clearing GR150.

I felt quit discouraged as I have ZERO usable primal due to bad RNG. I encountered many bots in bounties pissed me off. And now, people running high GR told me to get a bot to be qualified and says that is just small money for big fun. Shall BLZ take actions on it? They are running bot instead of using marco! During my D2 time, I was banned on CDKey as I was using marcos to save my hands. Is game moved on or I have to change my mind?

Updates: After a day I put up the post, I think I am clear about what is going on.

Expectations: When I compare myself and those who are on leaderboard, I did not fact in that they either play 12+ hours delicately or botting 20+ hours daily. I have a job, and I already play quite hard (may not be smart as I am only 3 months to this game), about 5-6 hours a day. Due to I spent that amount of time, I did not put my expectations right at the first place and that caused me get confused.



  • I WILL NOT bot.
  • I will reduce the time I spent on D3 to somewhere I feel more comfortable with and stop comparing myself with leaderboard.
  • I will keep playing my zmonk role in high tier GR to gain some benefits from others.
  • I'd like to focus on building a community (or make some friends) that working on end game and promoting having fun within the game at all stages.

Final thoughts: Sometime I felt I should just jump in botting to enjoying end game content without putting efforts in. I did that in D2. This time, after many years, I decided to stay away from that. The real life does not have shortcut. Yes, you can argue with me this is just a game. I just feel put everything in a "right" or "unified" POV is what I commit to do.

Wish everyone is going to enjoy the game regardless you are botting or playing authentically.

To botters: please do not laugh those put efforts in and look stupid to you. You used to be one of them and please be kind to them. If you can play private bounties, please do not play in pubic.

To manual players: hate does not change the situation. Either you jump in to do the same by taking you own risk or gain peace of mind to stay true to yourself and be bold.

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