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Personality of the heroes, dialogues scripts, and Canon of the stories

diablo17 - Personality of the heroes, dialogues scripts, and Canon of the stories

Dear everyone,

this is going to be a slightly longer post, but I'll try to keep it concise.When first trying Diablo on PC as a trial the one thing that stuck me the most was the way the different heroes would respond to the characters, and the personality that they indirectly expressed to us players through those answers. The first and best example of it was the dialogue between the Mayor and the heroes about helping moving his cart.

My favourite became immediately the Demon Hunter, Valla, after hearing her reply. I already liked her design and style of play, and liked her even more afterward.

Brief explanation aside, I wanted to post here asking some questions about this small aspect which doesn't seem to be discussed often, at least from my own searches done from time to time since a while:

  1. which heroes do you like the most for their personality, overall design, and not simply for the gameplay?
  2. Is there any resource online which allows one to read the dialogues the different heroes have? I haven't been able to find anything about it, and would really like to see how the 'new' character (the Necromancer) replies in her own way to the Mayor and the rest of the NPCs.
  3. A bit of a deeper question: what is the exact canonicity of Diablo 2 and 3?We know some names, specifically Cassia (Amazon), Xul (Necromancer), Isendra (Sorceress). Cassia proceeded to become Warmatron, Xul took many apprentices, Isendra instructed Li-Ming for some time and then was assassinated later on. But what happens to the Paladin, Druid, Assassin, Barbarian, and so on? Is there any piece of lore or official information available? (even unofficial would be interesting to read).

Furthermore, which hero of Diablo 3 do you think can be considered canonical for the story? I have a copy on PS3, but in another country, and decided that if I couldn't finish it, I would watch a longplay online. The longplay had the Monk Kharazim as MC, and the final video seemed to be quite interesting, with him risking to face the same fate of Aidan.


I know that the female Necromancer is referred to as "The Chosen" and doesn't have a name, but maybe this doesn't translate into main role, even though Xul did get a special spot in Heroes of the Storm.

Thanks in advance for your inputs, and in the meantime, I will reinstall Diablo 2 to enjoy some proper slaughtering on my own.

Edit: wonderful news, I have managed to find a website after all these years which seem to list most of the dialogues, except the Necromancer.
Just beware that it is in Japanese: Link I need to find a way to thank the author(s) later on.

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