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[Picture] Netease and Blizzard meeting and the monetization model

diablo8 - [Picture] Netease and Blizzard meeting and the monetization model


We can see Wyatt Cheng (and possibly other Blizzard employees) in a meeting with Netease, in what appears to be Netease explaining their itemization and monetization model.

Prior disclaimer: Official word from Blizzard is that they haven't decided on a monetization model yet. This screenshot could very well be one of the ideas. It could also be a Chinese/Asia-only specific monetization model, which tends to have more gatcha-style, pay to win items. Take everything here with a grain of salt. In addition, the information I could find was by relying on Google translate and some reddittors' translations. All credit goes to them.

According to this Taiwanese blog, this picture was posted on Netease's website but was later quickly taken down. This slide appears to be discussing some sort of pay to win monetization model. Let me explain (with using /u/tsinhakushou's translation) briefly what we are seeing on the slide.

"NetEase and Blizzard at a meeting. The person presenting is an NetEase manager: We can see D:I's gear enhancement uses Veiled Crystal, just this alone we can think of the money sinks involved."


Yep. This seems like one of those +1 > +2 > +3 item enchantment things. In many Netease games (and other asian p2w games), the system of increasing stats has a chance to fail. The cash shop then in return sells items that reduces the chance to fail (or remove that chance completely). Higher level upgrades have a higher chance to fail. It looks something like this:

Ring of Jordan Lv2Upgrade MaterialsRing of Jordan Lv3
+10 ATK >>>> +12 ATK
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What are your thoughts? Do you think Blizzard will be brazen enough to introduce a similar system in the West as well? If so, would you be surprised?


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