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Pixel Barb Tactics Guide

diablo15 - Pixel Barb Tactics Guide

Note: This guide is written for PC players who want to master zbarb / pixel barb when pushing high GR’s. This guide is for players who are confident and experienced in D3.

Pixel Barb: one of the most difficult roles to master in the current (s17) pushing meta. Not only does your group rely on you to pick the fights, take pylons at appropriate times and densely pack mobs around elites – you also have to micromanage your buffs and to stay alive, all at once.

Stats to look out for:

  • Around 60% CDR (for 100% uptime on IP)
  • As much attack speed as possible (Charge and Rage Flip both scale with ATS)
  • Vit on all gear possible
  • Intelligence on 5-6 pieces (for added all res)
  • All res on all gear possible
  • Strength / Dex on all gear without int
  • 85% Oculus
  • %life on helm and chest

For pixel barb neither health globe pickup or health globe bonus is particularly important as the group relies on stuns, freezes, blinds and monk shield / heal to stay alive.

Why is the build called “Pixel Barb”?

Since the LoN buff the nr. 1 trash killing build for GR pushing has been LoN Starpact wiz – a build that uses the combined strengths of channeling multipliers, meteor multipliers, archon stacks, arcane power dump and area damage for insane bursts of DPS.

Due to the nature of AD proc the wiz deals more damage the more mobs it can hit with a single starpact meteor. For this reason we, as the barb, make use of Ground Stomp with the Wrenching Smash rune to stack as many mobs onto a single pixel as possible – hence the name.

Ground Stomp Wrenching Smash: “Increase the area of effect to 24 yards. Enemies are pulled closer before the strike lands.”

Basically mobs within a 24 radius are pulled to a single pixel and can thus stack on top of eachother (yes the mobs will literally be piled on top of one another) – whereas monks with cyclone strike can’t, as cyclone strike is not a point-impact skill.

How do I pixel mobs?

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Pixeling mobs requires a lot of practice to execute properly. There are a number of factors that determine how successful your pixeling will be.

  • Have mobs been CC’ed within last 5 seconds?

Have you charged the mobs recently, have you ground stomped recently ect. Mobs have an internal cooldown on being “moved / pulled” by skills, so if they have been CC’ed within the last 5 seconds your ground stomp will not pull any mobs to point of impact. For this reason it’s important not to charge on mobs that are grouped around monk (unless wiz is out of archon and needs the CC to survive), which can make survivability an issue as you’ll be loosing band of might reduction.

  • Are you casting Stomp on top of Monk’s Inner Sanctuary?

If you cast stomp on top of Sanc ‘Temple of protection’ (which the monk will be using), the mobs will gain the same immunity to CC that your allies have, thus not pulling any mobs to stomp impact. In other words, don’t use stomp on top of monk, but rather slightly to the side of sanc on top of elites.

  • Where do I stomp then?

You want to stomp in an area close to monk and wiz, where there are few mobs but elites close by. If you stomp too far away you will just pull mobs off the monk and thus force both monk and wiz to move – which is wasting time and DPS. Here is my terrible attempt at visualizing how to stomp:


After Stomp goes off the elites will be stacked and thus ready for a Star Oact to the face.

Stomp causes the density to “shift” location, the secret is to stack as many mobs as possible on top of elites for that Star Pact one shot.


Building Density

(In depth guide https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/3lkfor/d3_basics_building_up_density_the_abc_method/)

Now that we’ve covered stomping its time to cover pulling. There are several factors that determine how much density you will be able to build up. The most important of these being location: you want to choose “where” to fight in the rift and choose wisely. Here are the main tips to keep in mind:

  1. Space: Always choose an open area for building up density. Choke Points are awkward as mobs won't be able to surround the monk and then they’ll start walking about in seemingly random patterns.
  2. Choose an area between packs: You don’t want to just fight atop elites like you would in speeds, you want to combine multiple packs so that you can kill several elites in one strike.
  3. Pylons: If there is a pylon you want to be far enough away so that mobs won't block you from activating it, but close enough that you can get the elites into density in a couple of seconds.
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Scouting and buffs:

The last part of a barbs job is to scout – run ahead, find good locations, use your flag when you want people to leave one pack and engage another. If there is no trash left, then simply move on and pull elite behind you until you can build up more density. However, don’t scout too much, Its a bad idea to block pylon spawns by running ahead before progression has been achieved.

Also you want to stay close enough to your group to maintain IP at all times.

I hope this guide proves useful, and remember, practice makes perfect!

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