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Playstation 4 : a question about local Coop and PS Plus with season chars

diablo18 - Playstation 4 : a question about local Coop and PS Plus with season chars

hello guys,

i have a question about the playstation plus function @ diablo 3.

some weeks ago i played with 3 buddies diablo 3 on playstation 4.

the owner/master user of the playstation 4 has a playstation plus subscription and he was the only one who could create a seasonal heroe so that we had to create non-seasonal heroes.

my other buddie and me who couldnt create seasonal chars, first we failed totally and logged into the game with guest accounts and learned in a hard way that the heroes created with guest accounts disappears when you close the game.

than we created heroes with "named" guest accounts and the chars stayed permanent, but still non seasonal.

meanwhile i am a also a owner of a playstation 4 withDiablo 3 ps4 and a 12 months of playstation plus subscription and im rolling through greater rifts.

next weekend we wanna make new seasonal chars at my buddys home and we wanna play it with 4 guys :

1) the owner with ps plus subscription and diablo 3 and necromancer dlc

2) me , with ps plus and diablo 3,necro dlc and chars on my playstation 4 at my home


3) a buddy with an playstation account but no playstation plus subscription. without diablo 3

4) a buddy without an playstation account

my question :

how can we manage it to make all 4 guys seasonal chars ?

can the other guys without playstation plus abo create saisonal chars ?

can i create a account on my buddies playstation with my own username and password and will my chars which i have on my playstation @ home be aviable on my buddies playstation ?
can the buddie without plus abo create a seasonal char when he logs in with his ps4 account ?

can the buddie without a playstation network create a playstation network account on the sony website per html only to play diablo 3 season on my buddies playstation ?

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can the guy without diablo 3 on his playstation account create a necromancer if he wanna play with us ?

thx for any help,

that playstation plus shit is really confusing as hell for us old guys.

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