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Positivity Time: I’m so happy I discovered this game/genre.

diablo15 - Positivity Time: I'm so happy I discovered this game/genre.

I have been a fan of all things Blizzard for almost 11 years, when I discovered WoW at the age of 11. Slowly, I discovered the games that predated WoW, and LOVED them. Then I found Starcraft, and while I truly suck at it and would never play it multiplayer, I loved it nontheless. Overwatch also, a great great game. I truly believe in 'Blizzard quality' when Blizzard put their minds to it. Despite owning D3 since launch, I didn't really start getting INTO it until around the time Blizzard did their teaser video about 'upcoming projects'. Since then, I've been hooked. I liked Diablo 3, I've played through Torchlight and am gonna start Torchlight II soon, I have Path of Exile on my radar but for now I'm going through Diablo II and I actually LOVE it despite its age. I'm by no means hardcore or whatever like many people in this community, but I love the dark themes, the loot and all that jazz.

Honestly, discovering a genre that I'm loving so much in my own nooby way has been a great experience, one that I haven't heard in years. And despite the negativity, I see a community here who cares not just about Diablo, but about making and playing good ARPGs in the same vein. Thanks for letting me be a part of it <3

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