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Preferred methods when starting a season

diablo14 - Preferred methods when starting a season

I've been looking at some guides as to the most efficient ways to progress through a season and although it is very subjective and up to personal preference i do see alot of common staples. Primarily after reaching 70 and completing headrigs gifts and getting your first set.

Now before you crucify me, this is only what I've seen in guides and what people have told me. What i want to do here is compile everyones personal journeys so we can all benefit from tricks, more efficient ways to progress through the season, Farm for specific gear and essentially helping idiots like me who feel like they want to push the leader boards but cant because we are just too ignorant as to how to progress effectively.

I will just number the key points that i have been told and please correct me if i am wrong or you have a better way of doing things. This is what i want essentially.

  1. Rifting to paragon 500. By this stage you should have your full build or gear. If not enchanted fully with a few ancients. Your jewelry will most likely be crap but have sockets at the very least. You will have a good amount of mats and are maybe still looking for 1 cube item. By this stage you should be able to farm T13 rifts between 3-5 minutes. Hopefully you have a few puzzle rings by this stage and a boon of the hoarder legendary gem for a farming build.

  2. First GRift push to increase your bloodshard count, a bit better gear hopefully and unlock primals at GR 70. Praying to RNGesus that your first primal isnt something you can only Lube up.

  3. Drop your GRift level to a point where you can clear efficiently. 2-3 minutes or 3-5 minutes seems to be the 2 brackets people aim for. But back to personal preference. Leveling your 3 primary legendary gens and a boon of the hoarder. Pushing gradually higher while maintaining an efficient time. While you are getting more gear and leveling that sweet bane of the trapped.

  4. Once your gems are up to the relative same level as you can push efficiently, it's time to go for another high GR push. As far as you can go without having to rely on RNGesus to finish the GR. Map layout, mob type, pylons etc. Leveling your gems up to this point and you're probably looking at GR 90s to 100s. Once you hit the glass ceiling here hopefully you have a few good rolled ancients. Maybe a primal if your lucky. You should of at least have rolled an ancient weapon by upgrading rare items or from that whore Kadala. Dont waste time with bounties and wasting your bounty mats at this level.

  5. Now its time to look at augmenting your gear. If you dont have enough keys then farming 100 at a time isnt so bad. This is the tricky part though. You have to decide how much play time you have and what your goal is for the season. Its easy to say that you will augment all your first round gems too 100 but it is a very long process and alot of us just dont h have that much time to play due to RL commitments. So only you can decide on how high you want to level your 13 gems. Any additional main stat helps and provides res all / armour / dodge. But the general consensus i see is that you wouldnt augment gems below 80-90. Its not worth it in the long run.

  6. Bounties and rer-olling legendaries. God i hate bounties. But its the only real way to target specific gear to roll as ancient or a primal. So clench those butt cheeks and run those bounties. Find a group in a community so you can split them and finish quickly. You will have most likely done a few if not at least for illusory boots or RoRG non-season 16 or maybe skeleton king shoulders. But hang in there Timmy after a full run of bounties you have 3 whole re-rolls! ……………………….. Triggered…………….

This is the extent of my knowledge so far. I have never augmented a full set of gear before as i just havent put in the time. But if anyone could take it from here i would be most appreciative. After this point i believe its the true players of D3 that 'know de wae'. Pleaee Sempai show us de wae!

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