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diablo1 - Prestige Rewards, Visual Progression


I’ll be posting a few random ideas for in-game activities I had recently in separate posts, those ideas are not meant to be taken as serious attempts at designing an endgame activity / progression system. I’m mostly writing it for fun. All numbers, items, rewards, and everything like that is just an example. None of the ideas is specifically meant to be a progression system or an endgame system as those ideas are merely the big picture, the generalized core of the idea, with some examples, that can be adjusted, changed or balanced. The main reason for sharing these ideas is to have fun, ideally creating a discussion and to provide some feedback, and I feel a need to share those ideas, regardless of how likely people are to agree with me or not, simply because I believe that variety of in-game activities is incredibly important and even if someone dislikes my idea, they might come up with a better one as a result.

It’s also important to point out one thing that applies to pretty much everything I post and I think it’s important to Diablo and it is a core element of the game:

  • All functional items (so basically everything except cosmetics) should be obtainable by every solo player and every group player. The reward for playing in a group should be the efficiency. In this post, I'll be talking about cosmetics. So while personally as a selfish solo player I want to obtain every cosmetic in the game solo, I recognize that this probably would take away the meaning and prestige of many cosmetics so I won't argue with that.

The Idea

In my opinion many activities in the game should provide some form of cosmetic rewards, with some of them being easily obtained, while most of them being in form of very rare drops (like cosmic wings in D3.. which I still don’t have.. they probably aren’t even real and I’m just crazy.. they can’t possibly be real right?! NotLikeThis) They should also be account-wide and carry over to every new season since they would be so rare that you'd probably never collect them all anyway. They could also be tradable. Of course once a cosmetic item drops for you, it’s a consumable that you “learn” which unlocks it for your account and destroys the items. You can’t unequip it and sell it. This would provide a very big gold sink for collectors and top players because those items would be so rare that their price would be insane. Of course, the rare and difficult cosmetics tied to some difficulty to obtain achievements such as.. being the first in the leaderboards, or doing all the dungeons in the game on the highest difficulty etc should not be tradable, they should be a sign of prestige and achievement. But cosmetics that are just simply rare drops from bosses should be tradable because in addition to a gold sink, it would also make it easier for many people to obtain what they want through trade. Imagine you got some super rare cosmetic that you don’t really care about, but you’ve been farming for a different rare cosmetic and you’re just the most unlucky person on Sanctuary, well, you can just sell the one you got and buy the one you want.

It is important to mention that while I have no problem with mounts, wings etc, I do think they should all fit thematically with D4’s overall dark art style, be themed around things already seen in game such as regions, factions, maybe monster families, whatever – as long as it fits the art style.. No rainbow wings and unicorns.

The cosmetic rewards that D4 imo should include are:

  • Wings. EDIT: I got so used to D3's wings that I forgot they're probably unrealistic and unfitting in principle.
  • Transmog.
  • Mounts.
  • Pets.
  • Titles.
  • Trophies.
  • Dyes.
  • Weapon effects/enchantments.
  • Maybe small character effects (like in poe but not nearly to the same degree imo).
  • Small part of me wants capes and cloaks.. I don’t know why but I really want them, tho it’s probably too much.
  • and whatever the devs come up with.

There should be an insane amount of those cosmetic rewards in the game (look at WoW), to give even the most dedicated players in the game something to look forward to, since collecting it all requires an inhuman level of dedication. They should also vary thematically, so that people who might feel like it’s impossible for them to collect it all (and imo it should be impossible since many of those rewards would be rare drops and some would require you to be really good at some parts of the game), they (and everyone else) can just find something for themselves and can realistically focus on collecting all their favourite items.

It's worth pointing out that I personally believe vast majority of the cosmetics obtainable in-game should be available or obtainable after you hit the max level in order to not taka away from the regular visual progression you get throughout your leveling process.

There should also be a built-in collection menu that shows you a preview of all the collected and uncollected cosmetics and tells you how to get them (with the exception of some secret rewards which should also be in the game). While I’m talking about the collection menu, I love how the collection menu and transmog works in SWTOR. Basically, you don’t really transmog your gear, instead you have an “Outfit Designer”. You simply have multiple cosmetic tabs or inventories that you put your cosmetics into each gear slot separately. You can buy more of those outfit tabs with in-game credits (gold) and for real money. And you can switch between your different outfits any time you want. The Collection shows you all the cosmetic items, pets, mounts, toys and everything else SWTOR has, and allows you to create infinite number of copies of the things you have already collected so that you can use them in multiple outfits if you want to (they are obviously bound to you and can’t be sold, you simply destroy them if you want to get rid of unnecessary copies). I think this is a great quality of life feature, and I’d love to see it in D4.

Basically the point here is to have so much rewards in the game, with let’s say 25% of them being easily obtained by every player, 25% requiring some investment, 25% being dedicated to prestige achievements in the game such as killing X players in pvp or doing all the dungeons in the game, being in top 100 leaderboards or whatever, 25% being extremely rare valuable drops that people need to farm for possibly even years (cosmic wings.. I still don’t have them). And of course, in addition to those cosmetics that are only obtainable in-game, there should be a good number of paid mtx because Activision Blizzard wants money and they want to support the game for as long as it makes money, so let’s just all accept the reality and let them add as many cosmetic mtx as they want so that they don’t have to sell power or convenience (imo in aRPGs convenience = power, because it impacts efficiency and those who are against paying for stash tabs etc, and/or for power should be very vocal about it).

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