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Progression feels too fast

diablo8 - Progression feels too fast

I've played D3 since it launched, although I did not become very active until a bit into Reaper of Souls. Now, I generally play at the season launch, but get bored after a month or six weeks ‐ by that point, I've had a full ancient set and augments for quite a while and am basically just farming paragons/extremely lucky drops over and over and over again.

These inflated damage numbers from sets, coupled with a full six pieces set for minimal effort, takes away the challenge of gearing up. In most other games, you have the early game (levelling up, getting a basic set, working through lower difficulties), a mid game (you have your set assembled and you're working towards optimization), and the end game (near perfect rolls, augments, rift fishing, etc).

Past couple of years, D3 has completely lost the early game. It just no longer exists anymore, and it's taking some of the fun away. It's literally go to highest difficulty and repeat farm for keys/drops immediately, and in less than a week of season 17 I now have two full ancients sets (started as invoker's then swapped into LoN blessed shield).

Reaching Torment6 (the highest difficulty level in the earlier seasons) used to take a while. Just getting a set together that let me tackle that difficulty was not an insignificant task, and the very process of actually gathering gear instead of spending all my time optimizing it was fairly fun. Now, the introduction of the cube makes it a lot easier to catapult into higher torment tiers, because Blizzard put insane damage modifiers on gear.


I realize any sort of change towards balancing set and legendary affixes towards a less explosive power spikes is not bound to happen. At the very minimal, any major rebalancing of sets/legendaries to make them weaker would require a gems reset (which would piss off a lot of people). And still… imagine any new ARPG launch and see them handing out sets with +16,000 damage modifiers on them that makes the highest difficulty a joke to play on. I know I would dismiss such a game without second thought.

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I guess… with new Diablo games in the works and D3 on the backburner, the current system will not be changed. The joy of powering up your character is mostly gone, and with the season journey already completed I feel like there is mostly just the tedium of paragon grinding and gem levelling left.

Something I think would be somewhat interesting for a season start would be for Kanai's Cube to be locked for the two first weeks of the season (it is unavailable for use) and the giftbags handing out the Blackthorne's set. It would be a very different start, and for me at least a little bit more enjoyable.

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