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PSA: Iron Rose ICD nerfed from PTR for blood nova

diablo20 - PSA: Iron Rose ICD nerfed from PTR for blood nova

I'll post video evidence if I can tomorrow night before stream but just thought I'd throw this out there so people know. It was proccing 5 times per second and appears to be down to 3 now I think. It is SIGNIFICANTLY slower than it was on ptr when I did my testing with my build and when others did their testing. Thought people may want to know in case they were planning around this for season start.

When I was streaming last night it became quickly apparent that there was an issue with it when I was trying to test iron rose with Innarius. Eventually we went back and watched the footage from the video and realized the discrepancy. Cratic went digging and found the exact proc co-efficient modifications as well to confirm. Sad panda I am, no more machine gun blood nova build.


EDIT: Apparently this change went in on the last iteration of the PTR that was up for almost 2 weeks, I just hadn't noticed it. Props to SVR for clarifying this. Here's his post clarifying: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/bp73r4/psa_iron_rose_icd_nerfed_from_ptr_for_blood_nova/ens4yd0/

  • "While true, the topic is actually slightly misleading; the nerf at hand happened during PTR and was already included in the last iteration. This is not a ninja-nerf from PTR patch to Live as the title indicates. The nerf happened on PTR (datamine proof). It was proccing 5 times per second and appears to be down to 3 now I think.

  • To clarify, they adjusted the "Blood Nova Tick Rate" from 0.2 (= 5 procs per second) to 0.3 (~= 3.33 procs per second). When the Patch happened in the last PTR iteration, which we had time to play for roughly two weeks, I inquired if the change at hand was intentional or a bug (since it was NOT depicted in the patch notes). The official answer was that they usually don't communicate technical changes such as "drop weights or proc coefficients" and that the nerf at hand was due to the server engineers predicting that we'd massacre servers with the setup at hand.

  • A similar thing happened to Ivory Tower back in the days: https://clips.twitch.tv/SourVibrantFoxSmoocherZ"

I wish I could pin responses on here like I can on youtube :P. This will due in the absence of that. I'm currently working on a video comparison for people to see the difference.

Here's a video comparison for you. First few seconds are full speed then it's slowed down to 25 percent speed and restarts: https://youtu.be/pqwF5wqtbc8

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