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PTR 2.6.10 Detailed WD Feedback

diablo7 - PTR 2.6.10 Detailed WD Feedback

First of all I would like to say that I really like the 2 WD Builds (Helltooth – Zombie Charger and Arachyr – Angry Chicken) that the Dev’s like to buff for the next Season, but I think we need a few more improvements on these builds to make them really good next season.

Helltooth Zombie Charger:

I personally think a Zombie Charger build is only made for GR pushing and not for Speed Grifts or t16 key farming, so I focused my tests here on pushing GR’s and tried to push as high as possible with this build.


  • Zombie Bears Collision: If you stay too close to walls, cliffs or any kind of object with collision it often causes the bears to spawn stuck inside the wall and makes them unable to hit enemies. This makes the Build unplayable on a lot of maps especially caves, bastion’s keep or ruins of corvus.
  • Scrimshaw: Scrimshaw is a spear, which makes the base Attackspeed of this build very slow and forces you to focus your gear rolls, gems, legendaries or cubed items on Attackspeed and you miss few other good DMG or Toughness choices.
  • Grin Reaper: (Since Season 4 Grin Reaper is a mandatory item for the Helltooth Zombie Charger Build. The Mimics can use all your Skills and add a unique look to the whole build by creating a giant Zombie bear horde combined with your own Zombie bears.) The Problem here is that the Mimics benefit from most of your multipliers for example the helltooth set bonus and the new added Scrimshaw bonus, but not the Ring of Emptiness multiplier. This might be due to the fact that they are pets and also benefit from pet bonuses like the mask of jeram or the enforcer and as we know pets don’t benefit from the RoE bonus. Ring of Emptiness is one of the most important DMG multiplier items for WD, so I would prefer the Mimics to benefit from this Ring rather than the pet bonuses, because it's a mandatory item in this build to buff your own DMG. (Or let them benefit from both to give the build an overall buff)
  • Grin Reaper: The Mimics attack very slowly and only stay alive for a very short time. This results in them sometimes not being able to really start casting skill and really deal a significant amount of DMG.
  • Scrimshaw: Since Scrimshaw is our only direct DMG multiplier item for Zombie Charger 6-7 times more DMG is not enough compared to the other GR pushing Builds for WD that most of the time have at least 2 direct multiplier items for their main skills (Firebats: Belt and Weapon, Spirit Barrage: Weapon and Mojo, Carnevil: Weapon and all pet or primary skill items and gems)

My Tests:


The classic Mana Spender caster build is unique in this build and I think we definitely need something like this back. I like the feeling when you aggro enemies with locust swarm pull them closer together with piranhado and then destroy everything with your Zombie Bears. Just the positioning is a great problem, because of the Zombie Bear collision against walls. Also the single target DMG against the Riftguardian is very weak compared to your trash DMG. Overall is the DMG of this Build very low compared to the other WD Solo META builds (Right now Mundunugu Spirit Barrage). For example at this point someone already did a GR137 with Mundunugu on PTR with 6800 Paragon and with a bit fishing 140 should also be easily done with this Paragon. This means Helltooth Zombie Charger is around 15-18 GR Levels weaker then the strongest WD build. Calculated with 17% more Monster health per GR Level this would mean we need a 10,5 – 16,9 (1,17^15 – 1,17^18) times higher DMG multiplier for Zombie Charger to reach the same level as Mundunugu. (Scrimshaw: 73,5 – 118,3 times more DMG for Zombie Charger)


I know in the patch notes it's mentioned we should not focus our feedback on solutions, but a few of them are stuff that obviously need to be fixed and I couldn’t resist to add a few of my creative solutions for the build.

  • Scrimshaw needs a higher DMG multiplier (for example 100 times more DMG)
  • Grin Reaper Mimics need to benefit from Ring of Emptiness DMG bonus
  • Grin Reaper Mimics need to remain for a longer duration (and maybe get a bit increased Attackspeed)
  • Zombie Charger – Zombie Bears need to ignore all kind of collision (Maybe except waller affix)

Creative Solutions to make the build stronger:

  • Scrimshaw: Zombie Bears attack 100% faster
  • Grin Reaper: Mana Spenders (or only Zombie Charger) cast by Mimics deal 500% more DMG (Wouldn’t be useful in other builds, because they cannot channel Firebats and cannot accumulate with the Barber mechanic)
  • Give us a Mojo with Zombie Charger DMG multiplier or change an existing one (shukrani's triumph is very useless right now)

Arachyr Angry Chicken:

In my Arachyr Angry chicken tests I focused only on a speed t16 build and a speed Grift Build. The speed t16 build works very well, but if this build should be able to speedgrift a decent GR Level it needs a few more improvements.



  • Aiming with the Chicken Explosion can sometimes be very hard, because of all the movementspeed of this build.
  • Locust swarm needs to spread faster via Wormwood. If you play with RoE and Wormwood to gain the 300% more DMG for your Chicken Explosion (RoE is mandatory item for speedgrifts, because you need the DMG increase and you cannot cast locust swarm inside chicken form and you don't want to always interrupt chicken to apply locust swarm.) You don't want to always wait 1-2 seconds until the locust swarm finally spreaded over your whole pull or your elite pack, you just want to instantly explode and kill everything.
  • Singletarget DMG is too low compared to trash DMG, because you don't benefit from the spreading explosion mechanic on Singletarget Monsters (Riftguardians)

My Tests:

Speed t16:

  • Time: Average 2-3min runs (Would be faster on Live Server without PTR delay)
  • Paragon: 1500 (only spend as much points as you have with 1500)
  • Gear: Good Ancients and a few primals (No Augments)
  • Build: https://www.d3planner.com/309640607
  • Video:


  • Time: 3min runs (Average Time for most Speedgrift builds)
  • Maximum Grift: 85
  • Paragon: 1500 (only spend as much points as you have with 1500)
  • Gear: Good Ancients and a few primals (No Augments)
  • Build: https://www.d3planner.com/295141343
  • Video:


First I want to say that this is probably one of the most fun WD speed builds ever. Just running around in Chicken Form and destroying everything with your explosion feels really satisfying. On t16 this works very good on the PTR, but I would also like to get this feeling in speedgrifts. Compared to other speedgrift WD builds like for example a speed version of Mundunugu Spirit barrage its DMG is way too low. Mundunugu Spirit Barrage can Speed GR100 with Paragon 1500 in 3min (

) This means at the same Paragon Arachyr Angry Chicken is around 15 GR Levels weaker then one of the best Solo WD Speedgrift builds. Calculated with 17% more Monster health per GR Level this would mean we need a 10,5 (1,17^15) times higher DMG multiplier for Angry Chicken to reach the same level as a Mundunugu Speed build. (Manajumas Set: 21.000% more DMG for Chicken Explosion)


These Solutions mainly focus on making the build more viable for speedgrifts. For t16 I think it's mostly fine as it is right now.

  • Wormwood: Every enemy inside the Wormwood effect radius instantly gets locust swarm applied on them.
  • Hex – Angry Chicken Rune increase radius from 12 to 15 – 20 yards
  • Manajumas Set: Needs a higher DMG multiplier (for example 21.000%)
  • Manajumas Set: Needs to Deal more DMG if the Explosion hits less enemies or does not trigger the spreading explosion.

Creative Solutions to make the build stronger:

  • Manajumas Set: You have (200%) increased DMG as long as you stay a chicken (Explosion would also benefit from this). This would buff all kinds of speedfarm builds with Manajumas included like for example Helltooth Chicken with Gargantuans or Mundunugu Chicken with Manitou rune and it would also not cause any OP chicken builds, because you cannot cast normal Skills in Chicken form.
  • Manajumas Set: Your Explosion deals 500% increased DMG if you hit 3 or less Monsters with it.
  • Manajumas Set: For every second you stay inside chicken form your Explosion DMG increases by 100%.
  • Manajumas Set: You gain 1 Stack for every Enemy you killed with your Chicken Explosion. For Each stack your next Explosion deals 100% more dmg.
  • Wormwood: Add a DMG multiplier to Wormwood for an Hybrid Arachyr Chicken Locust Swarm build, were your Locust swarm kills most of the trash and your Chicken explosion kills the elites (Would also buff Jade WD build)

Future PTR WD Changes:

Here is one specific build I would like to see get buffed in a future PTR Patch for WD.

Helltooth Grasp of the Dead Corpse Rain Build:

  • Deadly Rebirth: 500% more Grasp of the Dead DMG
  • Wilkens Reach: 500% more Grasp of the Dead DMG

The Combination of Deadly Rebirth and Wilkens Reach combines with the Unbreakable Grasp Rune adds a wonderful Corpse Rain Build.

You just spam Grasp of the Dead and you are permanently surrounded by a deadly Corpse Rain without any cooldown or mana costs.

Video to show you what this could look like:

Thank you very much for reading my Feedback

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