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PTR Necromancer Blood Nova Build (Trag’oul Set)

diablo7 - PTR Necromancer Blood Nova Build (Trag'oul Set)

I would like to present to everyone here a Build i created today in the PTR utilizing the newly buffed Bloodtide Blade and Iron Rose. As you should have quessed by now i am talking about a Death Nova Build. I will try to explain the my thought process as good as i can.

802325592 - PTR Necromancer Blood Nova Build (Trag'oul Set)

D3 Planner Link

LoN Off-Season

LoN Season variant

1. Set Choice

First off let me explain why i chose the Trag'Oul Set. The main reason is that the Death Nova from the Iron Rose is a Blood Nova. Even if it is free it will still recieve the damage buff from Trag'oul. An alternative would be the Inarius with an almost identical boost (3750 instead of 3800) but you get more overall Toughness from Trag'oul in this particular setup which i very much prefer since you will be surrounded by enemies most of the time. You also have Legacy of Nightmares which does more damage than Trag'oul. A variant of that will be posted here at a later time in form of a D3 Planner link.

2. The Gear

With the set out of the way lets take a look at the remaining gear.


This setup uses all 6 pieces of Trag'oul Set. In addition it also uses the Compass Rose and Traveler's Pledge to activate the Endless Walk Set Effect. This increases Toughness while walking and increases damage while standing still. It complements the playstyle of this build very nicely. As the second ring you have Krysbin's Sentence. This is just an incredibly potent damage boost and a staple in many builds. You can alternatively use a Convention of Elements and cube Krysbin's instead. Just use whatever you have a better version of. Weapon will be Trag'oul's Corroded Fang and your Off Hand is of course the Iron Rose. This variant uses a curse and therefor gets a nice damage boost from Trag'oul`s Corroded Fang. The Iron Rose is the main item here and this build is not possible without it. I left the Belt and Bracers for last because those are up to personal preference. You can use whatever you want in these slots. For example you can wear the Dayntee's Binding and cube a different item for the armor slot that you want like Steuart's Greaves or a String of Ears. For gems i use an Amathyst in the hat, Topaz in chest and pants and of course an Emerald in the weapon. For the legendary gems i use a Gogok of Swiftness for the dodge chance and attack speed, a Bane of the Trapped for the damage boost and a Molten Wildbeest's Gizzard for life regen and the shield. You can replace the Gizzard with an Esoteric Alteration if you prefer that. In the Cube i use the buffed Bloodtide Blade, Dayntee's Binding and a Convention of Elements. Bloodtide will always be at least a 400% damage boost which is quite good. Rayntee's Binding is for toughness and Convention of Elements is another 200% boost. Since the Necromancer only has 3 Elements you should get the boost from your Convention fairly often. Potion is of course personal preference. I use the Bottomless Potion of the Leech.

3. The Skills

Not let's talk about the skills. Here you have a lot of free room to get creative. I only see 4 skills as mandatory so change the others up as you see fit.

cl24zyg82cr21 - PTR Necromancer Blood Nova Build (Trag'oul Set)


The main skills in this build are Death Nova and Siphon Blood. Death Nova is the main damage dealer which you won't use over the key. There are a few reasons for that. Firstly it drains your life… a lot. Secondly it is a lot faster to use it through the effect of the Iron Rose which you trigger through Siphon Blood. You only have it on a key because of a slightly modified variant i will talk about later on. Siphon blood has 1 purpose and that is to proc the hell out of Death Nova. Siphon Blood has a quite good attack rate and every tick of damage caused by Siphon Blood triggers the Death Nova. The rune on Siphon Blood is Drain Life to increase the Health regen by removing the Essence regen. This build does not use Essence and therefor does not suffer from this rune.


Blood Rush is your mobility skill. It gets you from A to B. Simple. The rune does not matter since the Trag'oul set gives this skill all runes.

Bone Armor is the first skill you could swap out if you wanted to. It serves 2 purposes. Decreasing the damage you take and crowdcontolling enemies with the Dislocation rune to triger the tripple damage bonus from Krysbin's Sentence. Both of these functions can also be covered by Decrepify with the Dizzying Curse rune. It offers the same damage reduction and Dizzying Curse gives every hit a chance to stun. You are basically trading the reliability of the stun from Bone Armor for a 75% slow to the enemy movement speed and the need of having to apply the curse to every enemy. Both is possible but i prefer Bone Armor.

Devour is the second skill i think is exchangeable. The only purpose it serves in this setup is to restore your health through the Cannibalize rune or increase your life with the Satiated rune. You can use whatever skill you like here as it is not needed for this build to work.

Frailty is my curse of choice. It triggers Dayntee's Binding together with Trag'oul's Corroded Fang and with the rune Aura of Frailty you only have to go near enemies to curse them. You can use whatever rune or curse you want here. I simply prefer this combination as it makes the build a lot easier to run and requires no micromanaging.

Passives are fairly straight forward. Stand Alone for the increased armor which means free toughness. Final Service is an extra life and we have no minions we could lose from this. Draw Life to increase out Life Regen while we are surrounded by enemies when dealing damage through Death Novas. Swift Harvesting increases the attack speed of Siphon Blood which is a traight up DPS increase. Faster Siphon Blood ticks are faster Death Novas after all.

4. Paragon

Paragon stat priority is like this:

Offense: Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Attack Speed > Cooldown Reduction

Defense: Life > Armor > Life Regen > All Resist

Utility: Area Damage > Life per hit >Gold Find > Ressource Cost Reduction

Core: Movement Speed > Intelligence

5. Playstyle

The playstyle is unlike most Necromancer build very simple. You search for large groups of enemies and teleport in with Blood Rush to get the 100% armor boost from the Potency rune. Pop Bone armor to gain the damage reduction and start channeling Siphon Blood to proc the Death Novas. Continue using Blood Rush to refresh the buff from the Potency rune. Once everything (or most) is dead start looking for the next group. For Elites you want as many trash enemies nearby as possible to get a larger damage boost from the Bloodtide Blade.

6. The Focus and Restraint variant

This variant is the reason you have Death Nova on a key. Here you change your Compass Rose and Krysbin's Sentence/Convention of Elements for Focus and Restraint. the Pendant you can either keep or replace with something like Wisdom of Kalan for more Bone Armor stacks to increase the damage reduction. Death Nova is there to trigger the second half of Focus and Restraint as the Novas caused by the Iron rose are free and no longer count as spenders.

7. Last Words

This is the end of this build showcase. How did you like it? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve it? Let me know and let's work together to make this build as good as it could possibly be.

Edit: Added LoN variants for both Season and Off-Season

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