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QOL changes and the argument AGAINST rune stacking + personalized loot

diablo19 - QOL changes and the argument AGAINST rune stacking + personalized loot

I have seen quite a bit of complaining that not enough QOL changes were revealed for D2R. Some of these changes that members of the Diablo community are pushing would significantly change diablo 2, perhaps negatively. Others I believe do not negatively impact the legacy of the game.

Quality of life changes are meant to take what was annoying/unnecessary from the old game and make the game feel better overall. So stash space is a great example.

The Good (Already confirmed):

  1. Shared Stash Space
    1. No one enjoyed making mule characters, shared stashes will make trading and gearing easier and less stressful.
  2. Showing advanced stats
    1. Not being able to easily and quickly see what your gear gives you isn't fun. Comparing stats to other players is a nightmare without this. "How much MF you got?" "Give me a few mins…"
  3. Quick keys
    1. Not fun to have to drag everything from one window to the next, this doesn't hurt or change anything core to D2. Makes trading easier if anything.
  4. Ability to change server game difficulty
    1. So annoying to kill normal baal and be stuck in the nightmare server list, good change.
  5. Duplicate names
    1. This one is bitter-sweet, its good to be able to name your character whatever you want, but at the same time this takes away the uniqueness of player names. My opinion is always kinda split on this, but in general its fine.

Maybe? (Suggestions)

  1. Charm inventory
    1. Would be nice to not have your whole inventory clogged up by charms
    2. On the other hand, its been suggested that a charm inventory would bring about economic changes. People would farm faster (No more only being able to pick up 2-3 items at a time, IDing rares as they drop, etc)
    3. Would also allow for mf gear to be stored in inventory (IST gear switching).
      1. Are these things that we want to be the norm?

The Bad (Suggestions):

  1. Rune/Gem/Potion stacking
    1. See Below
  2. Personalized loot
    1. This would destroy what's core to Diablo 2. The only reason we have an economy in Diablo 2 is because loot is global. Diablo 3 has personalized loot, Diablo 3 also does not have trading.
    2. Gear would be worthless. Just go into baal runs and let the bot farm gear for you all day. Great! Now not only have you not needed to work or farm for your gear, but now everyone has that same access! Just make a char and afk baal runs with 8 player MF.

I see many people suggesting rune/gem/potion stacking. This is an example of a dangerous change. In the original game, you needed to be careful about what runes and items you kept in your valuable storage space. In modern games, "Diablo 3" the game is like, who cares. Just hold everything on your character always and let it pile up.

The problem with this?

First of all, the games belts are balanced around potion space. This would be a fairly game changing revision. (Maybe limit the stack amount to 5? May still be too changing)

Second: Diablo 2's trading economy was balanced around the fact that players couldn't hoard every item. (And low-mid runes + gems are a prime example)

Diablo 2 has a free market economy. Players get their items by either killing stuff, grinding, and getting lucky, but more often than not, they trade. Diablo 2 was fairly well balanced in this regard. Why as a new player could your loot compare to the end gamers? Because you have flawed emeralds, and they don't. And when they need it you can get juicy compensation.

Now lets theorize that we can simply stack gems and runes up to 99. Well, now every end game player has a shared stash with a full stack of every gem and the worth of the gems is now near nothing because everyone is going to hoard them up. Same thing with runes.

Diablo 2's economy was based on the fact that you can not just hoard every item. Your stash space needs to be reserved for only the best stuff! Just like in the real world! Removing this aspect of D2 will be change Diablo 2's trading system forever.

Although it would be nice I gotta admit. Is it worth it to sacrifice the gem/low rune economy? You tell me.

Also lmk of other QOL changes that I haven't addressed I'm curious.

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