Diablo 3

Quarantine Coop Experience

diablo3 - Quarantine Coop Experience

I’ve been having a fantastic experience doing couch coop with myself and two of my roommates who are brand new to the game (Switch). Most people who play Diablo 3 won’t get to have this experience so I thought I’d share our journey with you. If anyone has a similar experience then I’d love to hear about it!

The Team:

M(me) – Demon Hunter

  • Played Diablo 3 before and the team sherpa
  • Patient
  • Preferred Games: Action RPGs
  • Main goal: keep the game interesting for both B and L

B – Barbarian

  • Bro
  • Talks some shit
  • Preferred Games: FPS, Madden, Fortnite, BoTW
  • Loves Hammer of the Ancients
  • Main goal: do more damage then L

L – Monk

  • Super stubborn. Refuses to use any abilities but ones he likes.
  • Talks the most shit
  • Loves exploding palm and is using Ulianas
  • Preferred Games: Smash Brothers, Fallout
  • Main goal: do more damage than B

By some miracle they agreed to try Diablo on the switch during our quarantine. I didn’t think we would get very far given the nature of the players. B would have never picked up a controller if he knew how much math and reading the game involves. Let alone all the knowledge needed to analyze your drops.

Fortunately, Diablo’s story mode does a great job of bringing players in. You only start out with 2 abilities and slowly gain more over the first several hours. Most of the early items are straight forward so I could tell them “just worry about the items with your primary stat on them”. This gave them a base rule to pick and choose between items and I would fill in any missing information as needed. Once they were able to understand item stats, it was all over. We started having hour long discussions about builds, best stats for each others characters, and how we could use our abilities together.

It’s been so gratifying watching someone new slowly start understanding the game little by little. Then, waking up one morning to B having a page of notes about the different sets he wants to use and all the items he has that could benefit those sets (attached below).


If anyone is planning on doing a local coop with Diablo 3 here are some guidelines:

  • Start with campaign mode. It’s a lot faster to rush someone to level 70 through adventure mode, but I don’t think we’d have much success with this. Being able to introduce the game’s mechanics little by little was key.
  • Encourage each player to pay attention while others are in their inventory. As you probably know, only one person can be in their inventory at the same time. This will cause tension no matter what you do. But if everyone has a say in the “team build” it makes it more bearable.
  • Have an inventory routine. We settled on: Spend blood runes, Salvage, inventory, end of turn.
  • Asking each player questions about their decisions instead of giving them the answer. Don’t let them get in the habit of turning to you for every decision they make. Let them make mistakes.
  • Don’t let anyone use the Legacy of Nightmares rings until later in the game. This almost killed us. B, of all people, got the rings an hour after we completed the campaign, and was doing WAY more damage than the rest of us. On top of that he’s a dick and would say things like “why do you guys keep dieing so much? This is easy” or “I don’t even need you guys”. This made the game boring for everyone since B would one shot everything while the rest of us couldn’t do anything. Keeping each person at about the same power level seems to be important.
  • Try to refrain from looking up builds or items online. Building your character is half the fun of Diablo especially when you have others to bounce ideas off of.
  • Patience Patience Patience

If anyone else has any lessons they have learned doing something similar, then let me know!

B's page of notes:


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