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Question about leveling in Diablo with Belzebub mod

diablo11 - Question about leveling in Diablo with Belzebub mod

Is Diablo with the Belzebub mod the kind of game where you can go through and fight monsters on a given floor and then fight the bosses once you finish that floor, or does it require grinding levels and gear, maybe going to the next floor, and relogging so that all the monsters respawn, grinding only until I can fight bosses? Can I look up the bosses hitpoints on wikis for this mod, or do the monsters level with the player? I'm used to playing MMOs where every monster always has the same hp and damage no matter what, so maybe if I know that I have to grind Diablo/Belzebub and treat this more like an mmo, I would have an easier time with this game.


For reference, I'm a level 12 Warrior, I switch between a dagger and shield, and the Butcher's Cleaver. I'm up to King Leoric but am in no way able to defeat him at my current amount of dps. I can never afford NPC gear, i usually just blow my gold on full health potions. My Cleave skill is near useless because it can't one shot, and I run out of mana too quicky to use it effectively. To defeat Leoric I need to do more damage and faster, it's impossible where I am right now. I'm starting to feel helpless here, not asking for handholding, but I seriously need to know HOW the game works. Thanks in advance.

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