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Relatively new Diablo 3 player! Would be really grateful if someone could answer some questions for me!

diablo12 - Relatively new Diablo 3 player! Would be really grateful if someone could answer some questions for me!

Hey all,

Apologies if you get the 'new player' thread a lot, I've tried to do as much research as I can, but I still have some questions that would be great if someone with a bit of experience could answer for me?

So I picked up the (switch) game a little while ago, and casually progressed through the story on a Wizard which was pretty fun, but I know a lot of the actual fun comes from the Adventure mode with a seasonal character.

I've started a new seasonal wizard and I've been levelling up via rifts and a couple of bounties. My main objective at the moment is to do the Season Journey, get Kanai's Cube and get to 70. So my first question is:

  1. Are legendaries always better than Blues/Yellows? I have a Leorics Crown, but the in game advisor shows a rare I have as having 3 green triangles in attack/def/healer sections. Does this actually mean it's better than the legendary though?

After I've got to 70 and done my season journey to get my 6 piece set I want to get all the items needed for this build: https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/vyr-archon-wizard-bis-gear-gems-paragon-points. With that in mind…

  1. For example, if I wanted to farm for the weapon in that build. ( Chantodo's Will ) how would I know the best way to go about farming it? How do I know if I can target specific bounties for it? I'm aware that I can gamble with blood shards, and also try to get it with certain cube recipes, but apart from that, is it just a case of running rifts and greater rifts as quickly as I can do see if it drops? Can it drop from literally any mob I kill/chest I open in a rift?

Let's pretend then that I've completed the build above. The next question would be…

  1. Do I actually have the best version of those items. Say I had a Chantodo's Will drop for me. Is that the only version of that weapon that I can get, or does it roll different stats each time? In addition, am I right in thinking you can get an Ancient version of that item and a Primal version of that item, with Primal being the absolute best version of that item that you can get?

I think that's probably all for now. I know I'll need to think about Paragon points/legendary gems further down the line but I think I'll leave that until I actually need to worry about it.

Sorry for the wall of text here, but I'm really excited about jumping in with this as I've really enjoyed what I've played so far. If someone has the time to answer the above 3 questions, I'd be super grateful.

Thanks 🙂

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