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Results of 1000 Mephisto Runs

diablo1 - Results of 1000 Mephisto Runs

Hello everyone, I'm back at it after my 1000 Lower Kurast runs post. This time, I did 1000 Mephisto runs. There were a lot less interesting drops from this, but I figured I'd still make a post so people can decide if it is worth it for them or not.

To preface everything, I did not record every single drop I got. I only wrote down items that I found notable. I don't play online, so I have no idea the value of anything that dropped, but most of the drops were not incredible. Also, I recorded runs in sets of 5 so I didn't have to stop every time I had something drop. Looking back, it would have been fine to write everything down run by run, as it was usually 100+ runs between good drops.

Some of the non-recorded drops include: 2 pairs of war travelers, aldur's boots, around 4-5 IK hammers, 3 Trang breastplates, several Skin of the Vipermagi armors, 3 low rolling Gheed's grand charms, a 5/5 poison die facet plus two trash facets, Crescent Moon, and a pair of Gore Riders. Anything else was not good or notable enough for me to remember.

All runs were done on Players 3 with a little over 170 magic find in Single Player (no mods). The character I'm playing is a wind druid, and each run would take around ~1 minute. The character has Enigma, HoTO and CTA but not much else. I was farming Mephisto to get more geared out on this character. The drops I was looking for are: Sandstorm Trek, Trang's Gloves, Arachnid Mesh, Mara's Kaleidoscope, 2x Lidless Wall, 2x SoJ.

With everything out of the way, here are the drops:

  • 90-95: My first robe of the vipermagi. It didn't roll great, so I didn't end up keeping it. Best one I found during this had 31 all res.

  • 96-100: Sandstorm Trek.

  • 146-150: Herald of Zakarum.

  • 391-395: First pair of War Travelers.

  • 406-410: Highlord's Wrath. Another item I was looking for, but not for this character.

  • 416-420: Goblin Toe and Trang's Gloves.

  • 511-515: String of Ears. Once again, not that rare, but nice to have for a melee character.

  • 526-530: First Gheed's grand charm. Not a great roll, it gets replaced in about 100 runs. At the end, I had a 34% mf Gheed's.

  • 601-605: Andariel's Visage.

  • 616-620: Dracul's Grasp.

  • 686-690: Thundergod's Vigor. Finding more gear for my Amazon than I am for my druid.

  • 786-790: Guillame's Face. Nice mercenary helmet.

  • 851-855: Dracul's Grasp and Pul Rune.

  • 876-880: +4,-5 fire die facet.

  • 931-935: Lo Rune. Probably the rarest drop I got during this, but I'm not sure on the high rune drop rate.

Overall, this wasn't as boring as running LK, but it didn't feel like I got any huge upgrades. I got the boots and gloves that I was looking for, along with a lot of good melee gear, but it was a lot of time spent doing it. I'd say the time spent was around ~20 hours, but that's just a guess.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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