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Returning player with build questions

diablo15 - Returning player with build questions

So I played D3 a few years ago on PC. I recently picked up the Switch version and have some questions about GR builds. Currently Im using Necro Rathma Skeletal Mage build. I find that I have the damage to do GR 60+ but not enough survivability. I get one shotted by a lot of things. I almost have the full build just missing a ring, amulet, and some Kanais legendary powers. Am I doing something wrong? Could those few pieces of gear Im missing really affect the build that much? Its easier in solo when I can keep my combos going but I struggle at GR 70+ in groups.


Im thinking of leveling another class to push GRs but I cant decide if I should go DH, Wizard, or Crusader? Ive read that Twister Wizard is one of the strongest console builds but Im not sure if I want to play another squishy character.

TLDR; Im struggling with my Rathma Necro going into GR70 because Im getting one shotted(playing on Switch). Is it possibly my gear or my playstyle? If I level a second character which would you suggest between Wizard, DH, or Crusader?

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