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Rush Nuke Monk Build Help please.

diablo7 - Rush Nuke Monk Build Help please.

Okay, so this is going to be broken down into: P1: History Blurb, P2: Guide (what we did and why), and P3: How Can We Fix It / Make It Better . With a bonus guide for our Holy Assassin DH that kick started this Concept Build for those who're interested in a DH that can melt a good chunk of elites and mobs.

P1: Blurb.
So, we got into an argument with some family on what'd be faster in terms of passive speed, a DH or a Monk. With our Holy Assassin DH being the cause of it (85% Passive Move Speed buff). So we started meddling with a Monk with the idea of "Fastest Passive Move Speed, and highest attack power to rival or beat the Holy Assassin."

P2: Guide.

Armor, Weapons, and Accessories.
3 Piece PoJ: (This gives Tempest Rush some utility, DR, and mostly for the 5% / Stack Movement Speed boost. for a 55% Movement Speed Buff passive.)

3 Piece Uliana (For the 4 piece effect of 777% Seven Sided Strike damage, and the 77% DR from the exploding palm application of the 2 piece effect.)

Belt: Kyoshiro's Soul (Helps keep SW active without needing to constant upkeep it.)

Ring of Royal Grandeur and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac (RoRG to give both armor's their 4 piece effect, Zodiac to rapidly reduce time between Seven Sided Strike.)

Lion's Roar (rolled an Ancient with this one), and Vengeful Winds (both socketed, LR to add an additional 7 attacks for Uliana to boost, for a truly nuclear attack. One Shots 90% of all Rift Guardians (GR and Nephy's) and kills a majority of things on screen within a good radius. Well a good 98%. VR is to give SW 10 Stacks, and a 770% attack boost).

(Weapons Socketed with Flawless Royal Emeralds, Same with Chest and Pants. Helm has a FR Diamond).

Amulet and Bracer are free to change, currently have a Vampire Bracer and a Hellfire Amulet (both Ancients, so finding a replacement's been hard XD.)

X: Fist of Thunder : Blinding Light (Arcs the third attack to apply Exploding Palm to ~ 3 additional enemies across the battle field.)

R2: Lashing Tail Kick: Hand of Ytar (Slowing Enemies by 80% and at a good range, is always a plus. That and LTK rapidly reduces 7SS through Zodiac, as well as if an enemy is too beefy to punch out quickly, LTK takes them out in a few hits.)

Square: Dashing Strike: Quicksilver (3 Charges are better than 2. Mostly an emergency escape move, but also used to teleport more often.)

Triangle: Seven Sided Strike: Pandemonium (Removes Spirit Cost, and most importantly freezes enemies for 7 seconds. So if anything survives it, it's frozen usually long enough to LTK it to death. Few things live long enough to see a second or 3rd (shielded elites are a B and rarely last this long)).

Circle: Sweeping Winds: Fire Storm (Wider Range, and applies burning damage. This gives a wonderful passive offensive defense. While also allowing the speed buff to set in.)

R1: Tempest Rush: Tailwind (25% movement speed buff when in effect. Giving max speed.)

Fleet Footed (10% MS buff)
Exaulted Soul (Spirit Regen and more spirit.)

Beacon of Ytar (20% Cooldown, to speed things up. Might not be needed with Zodiac, but don't want to risk it.)

Transcendence (currently gives 420 Life / Spirit Spent. Emergency healing is a big thing we've ran into, so anything is better than nothing.)

(6th Sense from Hellire Amulet. So far, with how often we get killed by Poison, Molten, Arcana, strong enemies, or those easy to miss biggers from the undead that shoot out tiny worms. We're not seeing it actually do anything XD.)

Legendary Gems:
Rank 35 Gizzard (45k LpS and a Shield for protection, which our character needs, but at higher tiers, we've been seeing it get undone pretty quickly.)

Rank 35 Pain Enhancer (Boosts the Bleeding Effect from Exploding Palm, and doubles down from the effects of Broken Promises in the Kunai Jewlery Slot (below).)

Rank 35 Bane of the Powerful (a minute boost of 20% damage to everything after killing an elite, and a bonus of 15% to Elites.)


Azure's Wrath (dose passive, widespread damage to demons and undead. A foe we come across alot, and a type that a lot of bosses in bounties share. Not sure if it also works on the Rift Bosses, but still, extra passive damage is always a plus.)

Illusionary Boots (mostly out of habit, but it also allows us to run through Waller Effects, and bolt through enemies. Especially fun with Undead and Demons, since it counts as attacking them, and boosts Azurewrath's damage for some reason.)

Broken Promises (for Pain Enhancer, and all damage. Since Azure Wrath's effect counts as a hit, as Sweeping Winds effect counts as a hit, can potentially, more often than not, build up a high 3 second 100% crit chance. That's pretty much constantly in effect, and when it hit's it's down time, can usually build back up really quickly.)


So here's the sitch.


Our Monk is ungoldy fast. 85% Passive Move Speed (would be a constant 95% if we kept Mantra of Salvation in lieu of Tempest Rush). With a good 105% long term rush from TR. She can speed across maps, and with her 3 charge Teleport, can Speed Bounties and Rifts pretty well.

And she's a massive powerhouse. Between the passive offensive defense whittling away at foes, her holy lightning fist spreading bleeding effects across the field, and her LTK charging up her nuke. Which positively demolishes all but the hardiest of enemies.

But the problem is … she dies pretty easily. Like, really easily.

Poison effects, Molten effects, Arcane Energy, one of the more stronger enemies in their weight class (you know the hard hitters), of one of the tinier, easier to miss enemies. All slay her within mere moments.

So … seeing the build and all the things that went into it, and why. How can we fix it so that our Rush Nuke doesn't get bodies so often? Cause she flows between being a nuke that clears the field quickly, and is fun to watch her demolish every boss she's faced, and screaming in frustration when a simple field effect / tiny bit of poison hits her and causes her to die in a heart beat. (Worse, when she gets sandwhiched between two or three elite mobs when her Nuke hasn't recharged yet. So she gets bodied over and over again between resurrections, that only rez her for a second or three.)

Bonus Guide Holy Assassin:

(Seriously, this Bae is so freaking amazing. We love her, but she's been a total treat.)

3 Piece Shadow's Mantle (6000% Melee Weapon damage, and Shadow Power lasts forever.)
3 Piece Unhollowed Essence (Recharges Discipline, and gives a great damage increase and DR.)

Griswald's Perfection (our Melee, and the highest damage sword we can readily get. Don't know if there's a one handed out there that's better than an Ancient GP (for those of us who are low Paragon and can't hit GR 90+ yet.).

Archfiend Arrows (the best quiver we could craft for Ancient, and gives a damage to Elites in there.)

Bracer: Wraps of Clarity (48% Damage Reduction when using Hatred Spenders for 5 Seconds.).

Amulet: Hellfire

Buff Belt (25% Movespeed buff.)

Ring: Ancient Leoric's Signet (best ring I could find so far. Not really attached, but it does have 71% Crit damage), and Hellfire Ring (Ancient).

RF Ruby in Helm for XP boosting; RF Emeralds in all other Armor Slots and in Griswald.

Legendary Gems:
Rank 35 Gizzard (We know she's squishy, so we got her protection.)
Rank 35 Boyarsky (Thorns for anything that does hit me, hurts them, as well as a hold over from when we were using Hack Weapon Power in the Cube.)
Rank 35 Toxin (So our thorns and Azure's Wrath poisons everything, as well as our normal attacks poison everything. Fits into the Assassin concept.)

Cube Powers:
Azure's Wrath (AW + Shadow Mantle = Overkill, most undead and demons burst into flames and die when anywhere near us. It's let us hit Tier X with this baby and not die instantly, despite (at the last time we played her) being a Level 360 Paragon.)

Illusionary Boots (Fits in with the Assassin Concept. Allows her to run through everything poisoning them as she does, kill off all undead and demons by "passing through" if they live long enough for her to get that close XD.)

RoRG (So she can get the 4 Piece effects of both armors.)


Vault + Tumble (with Tactical Advantage Passive) if you need to move fast and hard. But the SM keeps Shadow Power: Shadow Glide, always active. Allowing your Assassin to either have a constant speed buff of 80%, or short bursts of 140% for 2 Seconds.)

Sentries: Polar Station (CLAIM YOUR CORNER. Set a place where you're back isn't open, and not only use these to buy time to run. But adds a constant fire support. When your enemies are numerous, or powerful. You set these down to give you the 10 yard distance min. As well, as to hammer away at anything that moves.)

Bolas: Freezing Strike (Frozen Enemies are better than moving ones, and allows them to be immobile as the poison effect takes effect, or the AW effect burns them alive.)

Boar Companion (This adds passive life regen, which not only heals you, but powers up your shield from the Gizzard).

With the Holy Assassin you have Speed for Speed Farming, Passive Power that melts undead and demons, and sentries to help spread your poison while slowing enemies that you don't end up freezing while the poison claims them. And anything that gets past the shield takes poison damage from the Thorns on top of Thorns Damage.)

(And it's that beast, that we're trying to get our monk to beat … even though the DH can stand in poison or Molten Effects all day long and not get effected. Arcana Effect is her only enemy, and even then it takes a while for it to kill her … Holy Assassin is surprisingly tanky af.)

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