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Rush Nuke Monk Build M. II (Fun to Play Proof of Concept)

diablo12 - Rush Nuke Monk Build M. II (Fun to Play Proof of Concept)

So earlier asked for help with the build, and ended up stumbling upon the perfect match. Does decent in Speed Rift Farming, Excellent against Rift Bosses, Great in Speed Bounty Farming, and so so against Bounty Bosses (Takes more than one nuke on them, especially those annoying multi-part bosses that we haven't figured out how to brute force a one shot on yet XD.)

Concept: Max passive move speed (no cool downs, needing to recharge spirit, or "burst of speed for X seconds") of 115% Move Speed, with an attack that can nuke an enemy and one shot the hell out of them.

Armor: You need 3 Piece "Patterns of Justice" for the 4 piece effect (with Royal Ring of Grandeur), and 3 Piece of Uliana's Stratagem for the 4 piece effect. (Helm Soc Diamond (cool down bonus), the rest gets Emeralds. (main stat bonus).)

Belt = Kyoshiro's Soul (to allow the Sweeping Winds to upkeep with less Spirit Spending and down time.)

Rings = Ring of Royal Grandeur and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac (RoRG to allow the hybrid suit config to work, and Zodiac for "spending spirit on a Resource Spender reduces cool down by 1 second."

Amulet and Bracer (Are free for now. Not entirely sure what to place on them, but am open to ideas. So for now, whatever you put on them, that suits your preference and style works.)

Weapon: You need Lion's Roar so Seven Sided Strike hits an additional 7 times (so Uliana 777% strikes 14 times); and Won Kim Lau (to not only maximize Tempest Strike's damage, but adds in an additional attack that pulls mobs in to get hit more.) (Each gets Emeralds, although if you're focused purely on Elites and Bosses (Diamonds for +40 Damage to Elites), or if you want some defensive options Topaz for 76k thorn damage.)

Kunai Cube:
Weapon: Vengeful Winds (Gives +10 stacks for optimal movement speed buff from PoJ, as well as a guaranteed 800% damage boost to it.)
Armor: Mantel of Channeling (25% damage boost while channeling Tempest Rush, and 25% damage reduction).
Jewelry: Squirt's Necklace (100% damage boost.) (Ngl, so pissed that Krysbin's Sentence is Necro only. When it's effect is something that applies to everyone and isn't Necro Specific. It'd be perfect for this build's 7SS freeze attack XD.)

Bane of the Powerful (ours is currently Rank 35. That's 1 min between Elite Kills, where your damage is boosted 20% + 15% damage to Elites with a 15% damage reduction from Elites.)

Gizzard (At level 25, gives a shield of 200% Life per Second, and adds in an emergency heal rate boost incase the shield ever gets shredded.)

Taeguk (Gain a boost % based on Rank to channeled skills, and at Rank 25 get 2% Armor boost / Tic. Max of 20% Armor Boost (pairs well with Mantel).

Active Skills:
Fist of Thunder: Bounding Light (You'll rarely use this, but when picking stuff up and things try to ambush you. You can not only deal a good amount of damage, but 3rd hit applies Exploding Palm (which gives you a 77% damage reduction for 7 seconds from Uliana), but also spreads it to ~3 other enemies.)

Lashing Tail Kick: Hand of Ytar (Range Slow attack, while also helping with reducing cooldown of 7SS. You'll need this for the beefier boys and girls, and Slowing Enemies down is always great.)

Dashing Strike: Quicksilver (3 charges, and best of all, you can use this while using Tempest Rush so you don't lose out on the Taeguk + Mantel of Channeling combo. Just Rush Port through the map or where ever you need to jump to.)


Seven Sided Strike: Pandemonium (No Spirit Cost; an easily maintainable Cooldown; and if for whatever reason you don't one shot the enemy and most of the mobs in a good chunk of the screen. You freeze lock them for 7 seconds, which allows you time to get shots in to whittle them down and to build up your Nuke Counter (the time between 7SS nuking everything). )

Sweeping Winds: Firestorm (14 yard radius of passive damage of 1,365% damage (13 stack SW) and the 800% bonus from vengeful winds. This also gives a whopping 55% move speed once all 13 stacks line up. Which is pretty fast thanks to Kyoshiro's Soul and Tempest Rush's attacks. )

Tempest Winds: Tailwind (25% move boost, 50 Spirit Regen / second, 50% damage reduction, 500% – 600% damage boost from the Won Khim Lau, and is both your main movement skill, and main attack. So this plus 7SS are your mains, everything else is just there to support those two skills.)

Passive Skills:
Fleet Footed (This concept was built around "the fastest monk possible, that can still dish out lots of damage.". So the 10% Speed Boost goes towards the 115% speed buff that's pretty much always in effect, and whenever not, for whatever reason (opening doors, changing levels, interacting with objects, etc.), still lets you move pretty freaking fast (90% move speed boost.)

Relentless Assault (Since, rarely the Nuke won't one shot something, but'll freeze lock it. That's an additional 20% damage, on top of the 20 – 35% from Bane, the 25% from Mantel, the X% from Taeguk, and the 100% from Squirt. So really, you're bringing in overkill to the equation to remove the pretense of a fair fight.)

Beacon of Ytar (You need that 20% Cooldown. You won't always be able to get that perfect cooldown roll on gear. So having a guaranteed 32.5% (Helm + this) makes the Zodiac work less.)

Transcendence (You're nearly constantly channeling Tempest Rush. That's 30 * Passive's bonus to you, a second. This is a great little backup for the healing and defense department. To make you just a little less squishier.).

Pretty much hold down Tempest Rush. Use Dashing Strike to port through walls, through obstacles, or just to Tempest Rush Dash Combo along the screen at even more insane speeds (CDR reducing wait time.)

PoJ's 4 Piece Effect, means you get a 55% Speed Boost at 13 Stacks, 50% damage reduction (added to all the other damage reducers and regenerators), constantly fills up your Spirit, reduces cooldowns / second (Zodiac), and quickly gains astronomical attack damage. With all the supporting items.)

Sweeping Winds has 800% damage boost, has every rune active, and gives a good passive offensive defense while working in tandem with PoJ's gear. (And what you need to trigger the second you enter a rift.)

When near a Beefy Target or an elite that didn't get One Shotted, you have both FoT for bleeding damage, and LTK to slow them down even further, as well as reduce wait time between Nuking thanks to Zodiac.

But the main star isn't the foreplay of Tempest Rush, it's Seven Sided Strike. 14 strikes of 777% boosted damage, with a Freeze Lock Insurance Policy. If you don't nuke 90% of Mobs in a good chunk of the screen, you have them frozen. Which gives you time to Coup De Grace them with excessive violence.

This outright One Shots 95% of all GR and Nephilim Rift Bosses, 98% of all Elites, and does substantial damage to most Bounty Bosses (not sure why it doesn't one shot them as well?).

All in All, this is a really fun character build, with a lot of potential. Especially once improvements are made over time, and the Proof of Concept gets filled out more fully. Hope all of you can have fun giving this baby a try and see how you like it.

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