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[S16/NA/SWITCH/SC] Looking for 3 others to join me for 4 man Season 16, 7 day grind. Para 1000 by SUN JAN 20 or before. Info within. Yes, this is insane. Yes, I’ve done this before.

diablo12 - [S16/NA/SWITCH/SC] Looking for 3 others to join me for 4 man Season 16, 7 day grind. Para 1000 by SUN JAN 20 or before. Info within. Yes, this is insane. Yes, I've done this before.

Hi Reddit Ninendo Switch players :).

I am D3 player and Twitch streamer that has done relatively well on PC looking for three solid no-lifers to join me (North America / Nintendo Switch / Softcore) this season for the level 1-70 and paragon 1-1000 grind. Our group did great last season, and I'm looking to replicate our success for S16, but on Switch instead of PC.

The goal is pretty straight forward – hitting Paragon 1000 sometime Sunday, 2 days after the season starts using a rat run configuration (who does what is totally up for grabs).

Once this is done, we'll convert to a 4 man meta (probably zMonk, zBarb, Necro/DH, Wizard), carrying each other to gear up quickly, and aim to push high GRs to build gem strength, alternating back and forth between high GR 4 man clears (for gems) and our speed clears with our mains (nec / zbarb / zmonk / wizard).

I expect us to be placing pretty high on both the 1 man and 4 man leaderboards early on in the season.

To that end, we'll be grinding INSANE HOURS starting January 18th (all Eastern Standard Time):

7PM FRI – 12PM SAT (17 hours) 6PM SAT – 8AM SUN (14 hours) 4PM SUN – 6AM MON (14 hours) 12PM MON – 4AM TUE (16 hours) 12PM TUE – 4AM WED (16 hours) 2PM WED – 4AM THU (14 hours) 12PM THU – 4AM FRI (16 hours) WEEKEND OPTIONAL

I have a solid schedule (it's hour by the hour for the first 16 hours) in a google spreadsheet that has worked since S12 and we'll be using it as a starting point for S16. I'll link it to you if you reach out. We'll grind in a way that doesn't kill us/isn't horribly awful for our health, and we'll be doing a few dry runs to get to know each other and work out a few strats + any technical difficulties before season starts.

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I'm looking forward to hear from you if:

  • You are totally down to do rat xp runs over and over to build para's super fast, and you're interested in the 4 man meta and are down to convert to it.
  • You're OK and able to being in discord (using phone or whatever other way works for you), but you really don't need to talk much if you don't feel like it. We'll have quiet times (T13 farm) and chatty times (GR pushing)
  • All you care about really is just playing the game to the best of your abilities. You understand how to MIN/MAX your shit. You'll both give and take criticism freely without being aggressive or weird about it so all of us can progress.
  • You don't work or have school that week (you've booked it off as vacation time).
  • You're at least 21y/o+. Ideally a bit older than that.
  • You're probably decent at video games. You likely rank high in at least one video game, and have ranked high in Diablo before.
  • You aren't a racist / bigot / id*ot. You just want to play quality Diablo.

It will mean a lot if you ranked on a season leaderboard in the past on PC or console. I am currently Global Rank 26 on the WD solo leaderboard, but I was 9 when I placed. I have had decent ranks in the past, and am on a few seasonal leaderboards.

I'll probably accept you nearly immediately if you can point to a 1000+ leaderboard clear. You will have similar results by grouping with us.

Interested? Join my discord and message me: https://discord.gg/ScVQPZ5, PM me here on reddit, or come by my stream any night from 10PM EST+. I'd like to know:

  • What classes you want to play
  • That you can commit the time (and how you are able to pull off the time commitment)
  • The name of your toon that has ranked on the leaderboard in a prior season if you have one
Read:  Deadset's Guide Compendium for the New Season

Do you think this is crazy? I KNOW IT IS. No need to tell me – it's just how I, and some others love to play :).

To those worried about safety and so on, I appreciate your concern. We have scheduled breaks, do meal prep ahead of time, have partners that support us, and generally tend to index for self care pretty highly as we're doing this. It's important.

I'll be streaming tonight starting at 10PM EST ti'll around 4AM EST if you want to talk! https://twitch.tv/gneerox

tl;dr: nolifer looking for three others that want insanely fast progression early in the season. Looking for a 4 day commitment to start.

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