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S17 DH Start + Rapid Fire Guides

diablo2 - S17 DH Start + Rapid Fire Guides

Hey guys, just wanted to share with you my recent guides, especially the Rapid Fire one since I haven't seen much about it myself here. I made three videos in total:

Starter tl;dw:

  • Challenge rifts give 35 DBs now, so you can craft + cube a lvl 70 dagger with a 50/50 chance for Lord Greenstone. Oneshotting stuff even on T6 is very easy with FoK then, the best place to do that is Temple of the Firstborn in A2

  • GR20 is equally easy with just FoK alone (I did a run with full yellow items) or Shadow's 2pc + pretty much anything

  • Multishot is still king for T16 and speeds, but Shadow's may have uses for T16 bounties, ubers, speedfarm RGK

  • Solo pushing balance remains very close for all established builds (N6M4, M6, UE, N6, S6) and Rapid Fire comes as a new addition to those

Rapid Fire tl;dw:

  • Rapid Fire will be very competitive and might even beat everything else on DH in S17, but it's still playable without the LoN buff

  • There are a couple small variations, check out this D3planner link for a quick overview

  • Wojahnni Assaulter is equal to additive damage like Rapid Fire rolls on helm + boots, so we ignore them. The new ramp up time is 4sec instead of 2sec. You want to cube the weapon and equip a Dawn for much higher attack speed (more life gain, stricken and dps). The difference between equally well-rolled Wojahnni vs. Dawn is probably 1-2 tiers

  • Sin Seekers is a multiplier but lost the RF roll

  • You can snapshot Pain Enhancer stacks and keep channeling at an increased tick rate until you stop. With a 20% attack speed quiver, you want to have either 22 or 35 bleeding monsters around you. Your quiver should have 17% attack speed at the very least so you can reach the 8 frames per attack breakpoint with one PE stack on the rift guardian

  • If you've never used Vengeance – Side Cannons but love the visuals as much as I do, now is the time!

  • No follower or wolf – benefit is too small and you can't control them in pulls. Making pulls in general is rough since you only have max. 8sec between your nuke phases

  • Try to avoid using health potion when nuking, it will reset your Wojahnni stacks

  • Despite the damage being very good, I don't recommend trying to make a farming build with RF

  • PlzBuffSpikeTraps.

If you are interested in more, I got a couple D3planner links in the descriptions of my videos and some older but still usable guides for all DH builds on my channel if you need a refresher on those. I hope you found this useful and good luck in S17 everyone!

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