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[S17] Testing Barbarian’s Hammer of the Ancients LoN Build

diablo18 - [S17] Testing Barbarian's Hammer of the Ancients LoN Build

Hello everyone,

This is the Only Barbarian LoN Comparative Solo pushing Build we Have in Season of the Nightmare . Top Players already Cleared GR118 using this Build and i can see the potential of reaching GR120+. I tested the build and thought i should share it with you. If you are interested i already recorded a video talking about the Build and did a live GR100 Attempt and i want to share my experience with you.

Video Link Here: https://youtu.be/RZSfv8nOKKo It seems like Youtube is still processing the video so in order to play it 1080p 60fps you need to wait a few minutes.

I already created a DiabloFans Guide which you can find here : https://www.diablofans.com/builds/104435-s17-lon-hammer-of-the-ancients-gr120-push-for

Amulet Choices and stats Priorities

In this Build you can go with any Amulet that has CHC, CHD, Socket and Fire% but its highly recommended to get the benefits The flavor of Time or Hellfire Amulet. The Flavor of time is a unique Amulet since its the only Amulet that can roll up to 5 Attributes.. Stats Priority would be CHD, CHC, CDR, Socket and Fire%, As for our second best option which is Hellfire Amulet you can benefit from a fifth Passive that could be a great boost for your Damage or survivability, Stats Priority would be CHD, CHC, Socket and Fire%.

Required and Recommended Passives

After many tests it seems like Boon of Bul-Kathos, Ruthless, Rampage, Brawler, Superstition, Nerves of Steel are the most useful Passives for this build and you are free to choose 4 of them ( 5 if you decided to go with Hellfire Amulet ). Boon of Bul-Kathos & Ruthless are Highly recommended to be considered in all situations for the great CDR and Damage that these passives Bring to the table.

Rings and stats Priorities


We need 3 rings to make this build functioning currently. Band of Might, Convention of Elements and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. we are going to wear the best 2 rings we got and cube the third. Stats Priority would be Socket Crit Chance Crit Damage Cooldown Reduction but if you feel like you dont need the extra CDR and you can reset your CD's which is completely Possible and you did chose to play with Pain enhancer so Attack speed isn't a Problem.. you can go with Area Damage as it can be very handy while smashing.

Weapon Choices and stats Priorities

There are several Weapons you can actually use but I believe 3 Specific Weapons would be perfect for this Build which are Big Sticker ( More damage against Beasts and Humans Plus the high base attack speed ), Sun Keeper ( up to 30% Damage against Elites ), The burning Axe of Sankis ( up to 20% Fire Damage). That being said.. I believe Sun Keeper and Burning Axe of Sankis are the better option for this build but you can go with the best Ancients you got.

Sun Keeper Stats Priorities: Base Damage Range / Cooldown Reduction / Increase Damage against Elites / Attack Speed / Area Damage / Strength / Socket ( Ramaladnis Gift ).

The burning Axe of Sankis: Base Damage Range / Cooldown Reduction / %Fire Damage / Attack Speed / Area Damage / Strength / Socket ( Ramaladnis Gift ).

Gems. Legendary Gems and Augments Choices

For More Toughness you should go with Diamonds in Your Head, Chest and Pants but if you feel confident enough to Play with Rubies so be it.. Keep the Diamond in the Head and go full Offensive in your Chest and Pants by equipping Rubies.

As for Legendary Gems there are a few Variation you can go with depending on How much Toughness, Attack Speed and Cooldown Reduction you have. Bane of the Trapped and Bane of the Stricken are a must for Solo Pushing and the Third Gem would be Esoteric Alteration if you lake the Non-Physical Damage reduction, Gogok of Swiftness if you find it hard to get enough Cooldown Reduction and finally Pain Enhancer as your Damage Booster from the Attack Speed stacks you are gaining using it. As for Augments, Obviously Strength Augments is a Must for Higher Greater Rifts Push and i suggest Level 90+.

I hope you find this post helpful,

Good Luck.

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