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Salvage Primal Ancients feels so bad at the moment

diablo1 - Salvage Primal Ancients feels so bad at the moment

Hello All

I'm not the most hardcore of a Diablo 3 players, but I do like the start of the season and take part in many of them, but with the current state of Primal Ancients they feel so bad for the casuals, that are not grinding 130+ GRifts, for example, this season I have pushed 105 Solo and could with current gear probably go to 107-110 and I have gotten 7 Primals, none of them are usable, one of them is an item I would like to use but has wrong stats so its worthless as the others.

So all I can do with them is Salvage them for 15 Forgotten souls each, which is not a lot, they are a total of 2 Re-rolls of a Legendary item.

And for me at least seeing a Primal on the floor is almost more of a disappointment than the butterfly feeling of 'maybe its the ONE' that they should be, because the chance of them being the one or just a usable item are so slim.

I have thought of 2 ways they could change them to make them feel more rewarding and fun.

Option one:

Would be instead of getting 15 Forgotten Souls for a salvage we would get one of a 'Primal Resource' (No idea what to call it), and after having gathered some amount of them, like 15-25, maybe more, you could craft a 'Primal Upgrade Resource' (Also, no idea what to call it), that could be used on a Ancient Item to upgrade it to Primal, keeping all the current stats but just upgrade them to max Value.

Option two:

Would be instead of getting 15 Forgotten Souls for a salvage you would get 1 Primal Forgotten Soul, and in the Cube you could re-roll a Ancient/Primal Ancient item with all the stats being randomized again like the Re-roll of Legendary but the item would be guaranteed to be Ancient with around ~20% to be a Primal.


With these changes I believe that getting a primal would feel a little more rewarding, since even if it would not be a usable item or usable stats, you would get a chance or be working towards your TRUE item.

Personally I like the option one better, because having a good Ancient Item just waiting to be perfect and counting down after each Primal you find would increase the thrill of seeing them since option two would still have a lot of RNG in it but you could do it more often.

Option one is of course more OP, but if I go over my season history I play usually around 2 weeks each season (The weekend the season stats and some the week after and the 2nd weekend of the season) after that I have almost always gotten all my items and with the correct stats, some ancients. Usually I get around 10-12 Primals in that time and I think I have once gotten a usable Primal, but if I remember correctly it was a chest piece so just Defensive stats, else they are just salvage Primals.

After those 2 weeks I usually stop playing the season since the rewards are minnimal since its so rare to find a good Ancient or primals with the correct stats.

So with those numbers, I would be getting around 1 Primal Upgrade Resource from Option one each 3-4 Weeks, which does not sound that OP in my option. But I do believe if either Option one or Option two would be in the game it would extend the season for a few more weeks for me since there would be something to work towards as a "Guarantee upgrade".

So to the Diablo community I ask, what do you think of those ideas, stupid, good, something else entirely?
All comments and other ideas welcome 😀

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