Diablo 3

Season 16 start for quick leveling (necro, once again)

diablo2 - Season 16 start for quick leveling (necro, once again)

I've posted it before, but I've refined it a little bit.

Assuming you get Grasps of Essence and a Level Reduce Weapon (got lucky here with a 41 weapon). The video doesn't include either, so add some time in. And the higher level of the level reduce weapon, add in about 2 minutes per level. You should want a level reduce though in the 40s (preferably with vitality and life on hit. Intelligence would be nice, but not required).

I ran this in Hardcore, and reached level 70 in

. Because of the survivability factor, you'll have to lower difficulty a bit compared to what you could run in softcore, and you'll do enough damage so that you can actually carry another player, regardless of their class, in about the same amount of time. My variation requires two players anyway to pull off the beginning (in a fairly safe environment).

After doing some testing, even if the other person is a complete afk leech, by the time you'll hit 70, they'll be level 65. Also, because of the lowered difficulty in hardcore, you won't want them to do much damage. It will be faster for everyone if the necro can pull off a higher massacre bonus, and level faster, than to split up the monsters between the group, thus more balanced leveling. Regardless, it's about 2 hours to get both players to 70. Maybe the second player should cube a Leoric's Crown?


A main issue is the level balance will be somewhat uneven at the beginning. But the other player will catch up quickly. The second player can wait at the waypoint, or if they can survive, be close by. Around level 60 is when the other player starts to catch up. (Up until that point, there may be up to a 20 level difference).

Now, as for softcore, as most players will be going this route, I found someone who made a solo video, where they could push the difficulty up (that's not possible in hardcore obviously). There was one change in skills (they used Aura of Frailty instead of Bone Spikes), but it's pretty much the same. And they included a few more cursed chests that aren't really HC viable. (The hard part is the beginning of the chest, when you don't have many corpses about).

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. With one other player, you're looking at maybe an

for both players to level up to 70.

Regardless, both of these only really work with a maximum of two players. The hit point scaling becomes too much with 3 or more.

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