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diablo17 - Season 17 Solo Self Found League

Hello everyone and today I am announcing that the Solo Self Found League is returning again for its 5th straight season in Season 17. For those who don’t know Solo Self Found (SSF) is a term coined by the Path of Exile community which means playing the game Solo only using gear you found yourself (meaning no trading). In Path of Exile this playstyle was created by the players and had a ladder managed by the players. Eventually it was adopted into the game as a new game mode similar to picking between Softcore or Hardcore. In a similar fashion we created a community run Solo Self Found League for Diablo 3 for those of us who wanted to compete in a completely solo environment. We started the SSF League in Season 13 and have tracked over 450 unique greater rift clears over the past 4 seasons.



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This was used to announce season 15 SSF league but our rules have stayed the same since then if you'd prefer to watch instead of read. Just the season number and end dates are different.

SSF League Google Doc and Rules

viewform?usp=sf link - Season 17 Solo Self Found League

Season 17 Submission Form

Season 17 SSF Leaderboard

nFxWMgW - Season 17 Solo Self Found League

Discord Server

Season 16 SSF Leaderboard

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Season 15 SSF Leaderboard

edit?usp=sharing - Season 17 Solo Self Found League

Season 14 SSF Leaderboard

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Season 13 SSF Leaderboard



Here is a general idea of how the league is run. If you want more specifics the full rules can be found
edit?usp=sharing - Season 17 Solo Self Found League


The League is tied to Seasonal play and the SSF League will start at the same time season 17 starts. This season the SSF League will be 4 weeks long. So after 4 weeks the League will be complete and the SSF League Leaderboards will be locked in. The League is PC only and open to all Regions (Americas, Europe, Asia) and you can play softcore or hardcore.



The season 17 SSF League will end on Sunday, June 16th

  • North America ends at 5:00pm PDT
  • Europe ends at 5:00pm CEST (June 16th @ 8am PDT)
  • Asia ends at 5:00pm KST (June 16th @ 1am PDT)



In order to be eligible for the current League Season, ALL of your Seasonal progression on your account and game mode (SC/HC) must be done COMPLETELY SOLO until the league ends or until you retire from the league. This means you cannot do any grouping of any kind BEFORE “deciding to start” OR DURING the current SSF League Season.

You must play entirely solo during the duration of your participation in the League Season. This means you CANNOT join a game with other players in it for ANY REASON. You cannot go and collect bounty caches from someone else that has farmed them (or invite players to your game to get the bounty caches you farmed). You cannot level or farm anything in groups. You cannot participate in or complete Rifts/Greater Rifts in groups. You cannot receive or give powerlevels. EVERYTHING IS SOLO ONLY.

These rules are applied individually to each region and both game modes because progress is not shared between region or game mode. This means if you want to group and play SSF at the same time you can do so by playing SSF in separate “category” that you have not grouped in. For example I could choose to start the season by playing in a group on Americas Softcore. If later on I want to play SSF I can do so by playing solo on a different category such as Americas Hardcore since hardcore and softcore do not mix as long as I have never grouped on Americas Hardcore I am allowed to submit my Americas Hardcore greater rift clears as SSF clears.




All you need to do to join the league is fill out our
viewform?usp=sf link - Season 17 Solo Self Found League

submission form at any time during the League (you do not have to register beforehand). Players will fill out the form whenever they want to submit an entry for ranking. The form will track Date, BattleTag, Region, Mode, Class, Paragon, Greater Rift, Time, Screenshot, and optional Video. The screenshot should be from your Profile page.
Here’s an example screenshot. Since the SSF League ends before the season ends the deadlines are very strict and clears must be SUBMITTED before the deadlines (deadlines are the same as end dates above) to be counted. Make sure to give yourself enough time to fill out the form if you’re pushing up to the deadline. The League is largely based on the honor system but we do verify the runs to make sure that players have no group greater rift clears on the category they are playing in and we will take a closer look at any accounts suspected of botting.



We have several communities and clans setup in game for SSF players and a
nFxWMgW - Season 17 Solo Self Found League

discord server
. Each region has an in-game community entitled “SSF League” and we have 3 clans on Americas called “Solo Self Found FTW”, “| Solo Self Found |”, and “SSFboo” and 1 in Europe called "SSFEU". These are clans that have participated in the past we are still trying to confirm if some of them will be active for Season 17. “Solo Self Found FTW”, “| Solo Self Found |” are confirmed to be accepting invites for Season 17.



Is there pre-registration?

No, there is no pre-registration. The first thing you’ll do to “enter” a League Season is submit a ranking through the form. You must make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules above so that you don’t make your submission ineligible before you decide to start on your SSF journey!


Will there be rewards?

Currently no, the closest thing to a reward is top players will be given custom flairs on their battletag in the leaderboard spreadsheets for future SSF seasons.


Why is it PC-only for participation?

While we would like to include everyone, the Console environment is different enough from the PC that it doesn’t make sense to mix and match those rankings. In the future, if we have the bandwidth, perhaps we could run concurrent League Seasons that track PC on one side and Console on the other.


Is there a minimum Greater Rift level I should hit before I submit results?

There is no minimum requirement for submitting a result. Common sense rules apply here. The best practice would be to wait until the end of your play session and submit the highest Greater Rift clear you got that day if you improved your personal best. That way, you’ll save yourself from submitting, for example, your 80, 81, 82, and 83 clear if you ended the day with a GR84.


Can I submit rankings with different classes/accounts?

Yes! As long as your accounts and characters adhere to the rules noted above, you can submit rankings across as many classes/accounts as you would like. However, you can only have one result per class per account. For example, if you submit a GR100 clear as a Softcore Crusader on your account named Leviathan, submitting a GR101 clear as a Softcore Crusader on your Leviathan account later would overwrite the GR100.


What about Conquests?

We really love the idea and would like to potentially implement them into the League down the road. Initially, we’re mainly focusing on the core element of getting the Greater Rift ranking system down to a science, but if that all goes smoothly, we’ll definitely look into tracking Conquests. We could even create some of our own that the official game doesn’t use!


Can I use the Rebirth feature to make my SSF character?



Can I group after the SSF League ends?

Yes. All rankings are locked in after the end date and you can play however you want after that date without your clears being removed.


If there are any other questions ask below or check out the
google doc that goes more in depth on the specifics of the League. Thanks for reading or watching and good luck in Season 17 Nephalem.

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