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diablo8 - Season 20 Prep & Guides

Hey everyone!

Season 20 is around the corner and so I want to share some guides I made, in case anyone still needs to prepare for Friday. Also, do NOT complete the challenge rift until the season has started!

Build guides:

1FZjoklWwHo - Season 20 Prep & Guides

Nova Necro (Group GR150)

Frenzy Barb (RGK/Solo GR 130+)

Spirit Barrage WD (Group/Solo GR 140+)

Spirit Barrage WD (T16)

Heaven's Fury Crus (RGK/Solo GR 140+)

Fist of the Heavens Crus (T16)

If you are a veteran and just looking for D3planner links, they are in the descriptions of their respective YT guides.

General guides:

oKjq2plUUUg - Season 20 Prep & Guides

Season 20 – What to expect

TL;DW: S20 is a Necro season. Apart from some minor exceptions, the seasonal theme is very weak for most builds/classes and mostly fluff, but Necro is extremely strong through weapon stacking. This gives us an insane Rats XP meta (GR120+ in 2min) and very easy GR 150 clears with Death Nova as well as three Necro RGK builds (Corpse Lance, Thorns, Bone Spirits). Apart from that, new WD is close behind for trash clear, other usable RGKs are Heaven's Fury Crus and Frenzy Barb. Both Nec and WD will probably clear GR150 in <5min in groups. Top GR expectations are ~145 WD + Crus + Nec, ~140 Monk + Barb, ~135 DH + Wiz (very roughly estimated). Hydra Wiz doesn't seem good enough to be used for either group or solo.

Level 1 Gambling/Cubing Guide (All Classes)

TL;DW: With the mats from challenge rift you can gamble/cube items at level 1. There are some really strong choices for every class that will speed up the leveling process. If you're not aware which items you should go for, check it out (I cover each class in 1-2min each, with timestamps).


Leveling Guide for Season Start

TL;DW: Typical strategies are T6 Halls of Agony, massacre bonuses and plain nephalem rifts. This time around we also have the Kanai's Stomping Grounds (only available in March), which is also a decent zone for leveling quickly. There seems to be a rather new strategy revolving around Cursed Chest events, which is a solid option especially for Necros (with Corpse Explosion gloves).

Some of the videos are still unlisted because they are missing some final touches, but they're basically ready for release. I will publish them shortly, but the links above work to access them already!

Good resources for Season start:

Bagstone's season journey tracker

Kadala gambling table

Some of the videos are still unlisted because they are missing the final touches, but they're basically ready for release. I will publish them shortly, the links above work to access them already!

Bonus: My Closing Thoughts on Season 19 (and what it showed us for the future of D3) and my Review of the D4 Quarterly Update

If you have any comments/questions even about build specifics etc., feel free to reply here and I'll do my best to cover it all!

Personally, I'll be playing Spirit Barrage WD and support Barb, going for a nice solo clear of course 😉 Potentially with some Frenzy solo action, too. I'll be streaming 24h+ on season start and plan to keep up a 15-16h daily schedule for around a week afterwards.

Have a good season everyone!

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